Our Honeymoon Has No Icing

With all of the running around that Sunshine and I have been doing for the wedding over the past couple of months, we’ve kinda forgotten to plan any kind of honeymoon. I mean, we do plan on going somewhere to celebrate our nuptials, but we’re jumping straight from our wedding on Sunday into our week-long “family vacation” with two of my kids and her two kids…so any chance to have a honeymoon will have to wait for a little bit.

That begs the question: Where should we go?

The options are many, my friends…

  • Cruise through the Caribbean – We fell in love with cruising a couple of years ago when we went on our first trip through the Eastern Caribbean. I proposed to Sunshine last year when we were cruising through the Western Caribbean. Ultimately, we’d love to go on a Mediterranean cruise, but due to finances it’s not going to happen any time soon. Southern Caribbean is another distinct possibility, but the extra money it’ll cost to get to Puerto Rico to sail out or go on a longer cruise based out of Florida just isn’t in the cards at the moment.
  • Fly somewhere within Canada – One of the items on my Bucket List is to drive across the country, from the Maritimes to British Columbia. The problem with that is, obviously, the logistics required. The back-up plan would be to fly to Montreal or Toronto or Vancouver or even St. John’s, and be a tourist in another Canadian city for a weekend. Definitely something to keep in the back pocket as I’m intrigued by this option.
  • Go to an all-inclusive resort – I know that you can get great deals on vacations for singles, but I hear a resort like Club Med is also great for couples looking to have a fun time. Either way, I’m not sure that we’ve got the time available right now to truly sit back and enjoy a resort like that…though it’s extremely tempting.
  • The Stay-Cation – This, more than likely, is what we’re going to end up doing for our honeymoon. We’ll probably find a cabin or hotel or inn that has off-season rates in late September or early October, and we’ll travel to Cape Breton or somewhere on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. It’s the economical option and we’d make our own fun, so why not?

Realistically, we’ll probably have a “mini” honeymoon in September or October and then save up for a “real” honeymoon on our anniversary…maybe one of the other options as noted above.

In the end, all that really matters is that we’ll be married, we’ll be happy, and we’ll be together. Anything else we do after that is just icing on the cake.


6 thoughts on “Our Honeymoon Has No Icing

  1. Check out Quebec City, it’s a great spot for a honeymoon.

    For Cape Breton, the drive around the Cabot Trail is beautiful.

  2. My vote, I say, do something smaller near-term and save up for a biggie when you can do it up the way you really want to. M and I are not going on an official honeymoon until October…2014. 18 months, ain’t no thang 😉 St. Lucia, Sandals all-inclusive. $$$$ but will be totally worth it! so excited for you guys!! XO

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