I’m Sick Of Them

I’m a fan of celebrities. I can’t lie about it…I watch TMZ and read Radar Online and even used to have a subscription to Entertainment Weekly. I love movies and music and television and, against my better judgment, I’ve become more and more a fan of news on celebs.

But I’m certainly not a fan of ALL celebrities. In fact, there are some celebrities that I am absolutely SICK of seeing. I dislike them to the point that sometimes Sunshine will look over and tell me just how full of venom I sound. But you know what? I HATE THESE PEOPLE!!

1. Kim Kardashian

No…check that…

1. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

funny-Kanye-West-photo1No…check that…


Rottenecards_89885634_xdf7crhm9qHere’s the thing…absolutely NONE of the Kardashians would be famous in any way, shape, or form if Kim hadn’t done that sex tape with that forgettable rapper. So because she spread her legs and is attractive, somehow she parlayed that into millions of dollars. Add to that her Chewbacca-lookin’ sister Khloe and underage jailbait-in-waiting Kendall and blood-sucking fame-whore Kris Jenner (who for some reason is getting her own goddamn talk show!!), and you’ve got an entire family of people who SHOULDN’T BE FAMOUS, yet are in every bloody tabloid at the grocery store and in practically every entertainment news feed I see online. I’m just sick of ’em all and want them to go away to the talentless-pool they crawled out of!

2. North West

That poor, poor girl. “Kimye” should be f*cking ashamed of themselves.

3. Miley Cyrus

First of all, I was absolutely shocked that this little boy was somehow named #1 on the Maxim Top 100 list. I mean…seriously? This dude is supposed to pass as a hot chick??

Miley-Cyrus Miley Cyrus

Yeah…I’m sure he deserved to be #1.

Add to that the fact that she’s a no talent joke and you can understand my frustration with seeing her EVERYWHERE. I mean, let’s be 100% honest with ourselves: if she didn’t have a semi-famous father a few years ago, she would have NEVER become famous because Hanna Montana would have never been made. And let’s not fool ourselves…her music and her image are a freakin’ joke. Twerking on stage or sticking your ass in 90% of a music video will only take you so far in life. Bottom line is that she’s an ugly, talentless hick who needs to take a one-way trip to the same towns that provide jobs to Todd Bridges and Macaulay Culkin and just disappear with the rest of the talentless former kid actors.

4. Justin Bieber

JustinBiebershirtHere’s a kid who should be the top musical act in the world. Instead, he’s a pasty-white boy who’s trying to be “gangsta”. He’s turning off his fans and looking like a goof. Justin…a word of advice…stop believing your own hype. Until you have a hit single, you’re always going to be a joke. No, your MTV videos don’t count. No, your YouTube views don’t count. No, your Twitter followers don’t count. You whined about not getting respect for accomplishing so much at such a young age, yet you’ve never had a #1 single on the Billboard charts, you film yourself high for Instagram videos, and generally act like a f*cktard day and night.  Just stop it, grab a little dose of reality (and a shirt to cover up your somebody-feed-me-a-sammich-skinny-ass body), and maybe you’ll finally get the respect that you claim you’ve earned.

5. Chris Brown

Actually, the majority of tabloid stories on Brown are about how much of a douchebag he is and how he’s gotten in trouble with the law yet again, so I guess I don’t hate seeing those stories too much. I love knowing that for as much as he whines about having changed, he’s still an asshole and the world sees right through him.



Believe me, I could definitely go on…but I’ll stop here. I actually feel a little bit better after getting this all off of my chest. 

Am I being harsh? Am I out of line? Or maybe are there more celebrities that YOU’RE sick of? Let me know!


3 thoughts on “I’m Sick Of Them

  1. Haha! GJ looks at me the same way about certain songs and/or singers. I guess because I’m a singer and music is such a part of my life, some songs or singers send me into a tizzy nearly immediately! The worst is this one. Like NAILS on a chalkboard to me.

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