Wedding Preparations

As we approach the August 11th wedding date, both Sunshine and I are realizing that there are more and more “little” details that need to be finalized. Thankfully, we’ve got the majority of the larger items taken care of.

We know where the wedding is taking place. Obviously, that’s a good thing. We’re getting married on the rooftop of the local farmer’s market, which is a building along the Halifax waterfront that has views that overlook the harbour. The views, when it’s sunny, are quite spectacular. If all goes as anticipated, this will be a beautiful place for a wedding.

We have a photographer for the wedding, which we’re very happy about. We actually met her via Twitter and have been friends ever since attending a local “tweet-up” here in the city a couple of years ago. She reads our blogs and has a very good idea of who we are as people, so we’re excited to see what she comes up with.

We found someone who can legally marry us, which I suppose is probably a bit important. Y’see, because we’re not getting married inside of a church and because we’re not the most religious of folks, we were concerned about who would be the officiant and how much they would cost. After a couple of interviews, we found someone who seems to “get” us, which is pretty important because we’re not doing a very traditional wedding.

We are using local vendors as the caterers for the reception, and our choices might surprise those who are attending. Because we wanted this to be a casual affair, we had considered getting sandwich platters and keeping things really simple and easy to arrange/display/order. In the end, though, we decided on a local pizza vendor who actually has a shop at the farmer’s market…so we’ll be getting brick oven-cooked pizzas made fresh just for us.

Add to all of that the fact that Sunshine has her vintage dress, we both have ordered our wedding bands (my tungsten ring is still on order, though),  and the flowers have been all arranged…we feel as though we’ve got this wedding thing under control.

With less than seven weeks left to go, we certainly hope that we do, anyway!


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