It’s crazy…I’m now officially a single man.

Divorce doc

As I’ve chronicled previously, I’ve actually been married for eight years now. Of course, I’ve been separated for six of those years…but that’s just besides the point. The point is that up until this past week, I was still (technically) a married man.

It’s strange to really think about it, because I haven’t considered myself to be married for a VERY long time. It’s one of the reasons I procrastinated for so long about actually completing the divorce: in my heart, it had already happened.

But the reality is that it hadn’t happened. It’s so bizarre to think that I actually proposed to Sunshine while I was still married to another woman.

When I write it like that, it sounds REALLY bad.

But now it’s done. The only thing I need to wait for now is the actual divorce certificate, which was ordered on Friday and is en route. Once that is in my grubby little paws, I’ll be heading directly out to pick up my new marriage license.

When all is said and done, I’ll have been single for a total of 58 days.

LOL…that just sounds wrong. But in the end, this is TOTALLY right and I couldn’t be any happier.


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