Wedding Stuff Is Getting Done!

Wow…talk about a whirlwind crazy weekend!

It was a weekend where Sunshine and I didn’t have the kids, so we kicked things off as we normally did…hitting the local farmer’s market early Saturday morning. I mean, we love this place so much that we’re getting married on the ROOFTOP! The views are spectacular, though…

That kick started our weekend, for sure. I mean, I was still recovering from a two-week flu and Sunshine was recovering from drugs that she had to take for her back…but all-in-all we were ready for the rest of the weekend!

We FINALLY found wedding dresses for Sunshine’s girls. You wouldn’t think it’d be that difficult, but where Sunshine is wearing a uniquely orange dress (it’s awesome!), we wanted to find something that worked for the girls that wasn’t going to be too “stuffy” (we’re having a pretty fun and casual wedding, if you couldn’t already tell). So after hitting two or three places, we found a couple of great dresses at Sears (the second time we went there…so glad we did!) and then crossed that item off our list.

We then met a locally-owned florist to discuss our flower arrangements. Again, because we’re having a small and casual wedding, we weren’t looking for massive bouquets. It was a very good meeting and after thirty minutes, we were moving on to our next task: a tie for me!

I’m not wearing a tux, rather I’m wearing a navy blue suit. You’d think it would be easy to find a blue tie with a bit of orange in it, wouldn’t you? Think again. Apparently, every colour under the sun is all the rage right now (especially pink, turquoise, and purple), but we couldn’t find flecks of orange in ANYTHING! After hitting four mens clothiers in the city, we went to the last one we knew of. Wouldn’t you know it? They not only had one, but they had FOUR to choose from!! And better yet, the one that we both agreed on ended up being on sale!

We then made our way out to a place called Susie’s Shortbreads, which is our favourite cupcake maker in the entire city. Trust me…these folks do INCREDIBLE work (yes, that’s an example of their cupcakes on the left)! And both Sunshine and I decided against getting a formal wedding cake, instead getting about three dozen gourmet cupcakes! After picking out the flavours we wanted, we left very happy customers!

It then dawned upon us that almost everything for the wedding was done! With the exception of my finalized divorce papers (the judge signed off on them…we just need to wait a standard 30-day period in case, after six years of being separated, we’d want to change our minds), we are pretty much done with the fine details!

The reality of the wedding is rapidly approaching. I, for one, couldn’t be happier! I was talking with Sunshine on Saturday and spoke about how, in preparing for my first marriage, I was kinda going through the motions. I wasn’t nearly as happy about the fine details as I am now. I wasn’t UNhappy, but I wasn’t enjoying the moment like I am with this wedding.

It could be because of who I’m getting married to, it could be because I’m finally maturing as a man. Either way, this wedding is less than 90 days away and everything is (seemingly) falling into place!


5 thoughts on “Wedding Stuff Is Getting Done!

  1. Congrats!
    Have you tried Little Red Kitsch’n
    cupcakes at Seaport Market?
    They are amazing and I greatly prefer them to
    all the other cupcake places in Halifax!

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