Bags of Love

I was contacted a couple of months ago by a website called Bags of Love. They make personalized goods that people can customize with photos and text, and had recently introduced a few new product lines and wondered if I was interested in reviewing one.

I get offers like this a lot, but I only feel compelled to accept the offers from products and/or services that I’ll actually use (sorry…I probably won’t read your book or use your baby products). With Sunshine’s birthday approaching, I thought this could potentially be a nice gift to give to her but there was one problem: the company was based out of the UK.

Luckily, they were preparing to launch their North American-based site:, so the offer was still on the table.  I was given three options to choose from: a photo cushion, a personalized apron, or a personalized towel.  I decided to go with the photo cushion as I thought it was the most practical option as a gift for Sunshine.

The website was very easy to follow. I simply found the product I wanted to purchase, uploaded the photo I wanted to use, and entered some text that I wanted to display. There weren’t any confusing links to get me frustrated with the whole process, which is something I sometimes find with other websites when ordering products.

I placed the order and received my product less than two weeks later. I was impressed with the quality, as I wasn’t sure what kind of cushion I was going to receive. I thought the picture turned out great and it was pretty much exactly how I thought it was going to be. All I needed to do was wrap it and give it to Sunshine on her birthday.

Well…her birthday was last week and she really likes the cushion. The photo I used is the proposal photo, which is one of her favourites. She is already looking forward to giving the cushion a permanent placement on our bed.

Bags of Love
“Forever Yours”

So all in all, I’m quite happy with the product and how it turned out. I think this is a unique item that you don’t find every day and because it can be easily personalized, it’s something that has meaning.

Thanks, Bags of Love, for the opportunity to try and promote your product.


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