Dad’s New Girlfriend

I’ve been concerned about my dad ever since my mom passed away just over two years ago. His inability to be alone is understandable considering that he was in a relationship for over 40 years. I can’t even imagine what it must have been like for him.

Rather quickly, dad jumped into another relationship. For me, it was way too soon. For him, it was a replacement and he couldn’t wait to not be alone anymore.

While she was a nice enough woman, I never saw the connection. I never saw the love. I never felt the two of them really belonged together.

After having an on-and-off relationship (including calling off an engagement) and after spending three months together in Florida this past winter, they split for good a couple of months ago when he returned. He seemed different this time…not completely afraid to be alone and not willing to just be with anybody. I felt as though he was actually READY to be in a relationship, so maybe it was all for the best.

Last month, he joined an online dating website. He went on a couple of dates but found one woman, in particular, who really seemed to connect with him. He told me about them getting along really well and my initial reaction was to roll my eyes with a “here we go again” attitude. I just wanted him to be happy, but didn’t want to see him rush into another relationship just because they “got along”.

This past weekend, I was introduced to the new girlfriend. Upon the initial meeting I was immediately hit with the thought that she was a nicer lady than his previous girlfriend. In fact, my younger brother walked up to me and said, “She seems nice” after the first five minutes. I told him that I agreed but that I’d like to meet her a bit more before allowing myself to be too comfortable.

On Sunday, I had a nice 20+ minute conversation with her as dad got ready to go to church. I was really happy with how the conversation went, with laughter and similar views helping to prevent any awkward silences from taking place.

For the first time since mom passed away, I feel “okay” with dad dating someone. I’m comfortable with the notion of him with somebody else. And honestly, that wasn’t something I was good with over the past two years. Maybe it’s part of me finally letting go or maybe it’s just that my dad has found someone that I approve of…I dunno. Either way, I feel as though things are finally moving forward in a positive way.


3 thoughts on “Dad’s New Girlfriend

  1. I love to hear this. It sounds like this is a much better ‘time’ for this for your dad and with someone that seems to jive well with him but also with the family.

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