Divorced…part two?

Divorce-DecreeAs I wrote about recently, I’ve had issues trying to stay on top of my divorce proceedings. I let paperwork slide, I procrastinated a lot, and the process took over three years. After receiving a letter saying that my request was being processed, I was feeling a lot better and both Sunshine and I went full-speed ahead with our wedding plans.

I got a letter in the mail this week and I expected it to be divorce papers. Instead, it was to let me know that “Part One” of the process had been completed and I was now able to proceed with “Part Two”.


Needless to say, neither Sunshine nor I were happy. I honestly thought that would be it. But now my ex and I need to sign some more documents and send them in. The documents are rather silly, actually…as all of the financial and child custody items were completed in the first batch of documents. These are more along the lines of “We promise to not change our minds” and things like that. Almost a waste of time, really.

But Sunshine is freaking out…and justifiably so. She’s concerned that we’re going to have to cancel our wedding and postpone it because my divorce won’t be done in time. It’s extremely stressful for her and I understand that she’s upset with it.

I’m not happy, either…so I’m doing my best to stay on top of things. I got my ex to sign the documents yesterday and there is just one more form that needs to be signed by the both of us in front of a lawyer. I’ve stressed to her just how important it is to get it done and couriered to me…so right now it’s all on her.

Getting married was easy. Getting divorced has been ridiculously difficult, which maybe is the whole point.

I know that going into this marriage to Sunshine that I’m never going to want (or need) to marry anyone else ever again. This is it…for better or for worse.  If for no other reason, it’s because I never want to go through this ever again.


2 thoughts on “Divorced…part two?

  1. UGH!!! That sucks, I really hope it gets taken care of in time! You are SO RIGHT about divorce being hard, marriage being easy – it should be reversed, make it harder to marry at least…not to say any of us rushed into it at all, but it’s kind of ironic how easy it is, compared to the divorce process.

  2. That’s crazy. I’m surprised that getting married isn’t more difficult. Why don’t they make you fill out an “Are you sure?” document before you go down the aisle?

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