Baconnaise and Paint

It was quite the long weekend in the CBG/Sunshine household. So much to say, yet so little time to go through it all. I mean, you’d think that there would be some time to write a decently-sized blog over the course of a 3 -day weekend…but the reality is that sometimes a long weekend can be busier than a normal weekend, especially if there’s a holiday involved.

The yellow kitchenSo Friday came and we began to paint our kitchen. Ever since we moved into this apartment, we’ve hated the kitchen’s day-glo yellow colour. So last week we picked out a couple of colours and decided to spend Good Friday painting. Well…at least spend part of it painting. The remainder of the day consisted of a dinner date, a very short walk, some more painting, and a really interesting movie in Life of Pi.

On Saturday we went to three different farmers’ markets, ran some errands, and then picked up Sunshine’s girls for the rest of the day. We went to the local Museum of Natural History for a couple of hours before returning home for an incredible turkey dinner. We watched Hop as a family and called it a night.

Easter morningWe woke up Easter Sunday morning at 4am to a slightly excited 8-year-old wanting to snuggle in bed with her mom in lieu of hunting eggs around the apartment. Two hours later, we were up and both girls were off hunting chocolate treasures. They found 68 of the 70 hidden eggs…and even Sunshine doesn’t know where they are (lol). Afterwards, I was provided with an Easter basket of my own, which contained a hidden gem of a food product that I had only seen a picture of previously: BACONNAISE!!


As of this writing, I have yet to try it…but I’m sure there will be a blog post written about its greatness once I have.

Spring is hereThey went outside to enjoy the beautiful weather, scribbled around with some sidewalk chalk, and then Sunshine and I walked them over to their dad’s for the rest of the day.

We came back and painted and cleaned up around the apartment. . Then dropped off an Easter basket as a surprise to my “new daughter” (I still need to find an online name for her) while she was at work. We came back home and painted some more before having supper. At 10:30pm, Sunshine was finishing up the final coat and we had just finished a surprisingly entertaining movie, Hit and Run.

And as of this morning, I’m getting ready for my impending wedding before heading off to work. But we’ll get more into my preparations on another day.


5 thoughts on “Baconnaise and Paint

  1. What’d you think of Life of Pi? You know I loved the spiritual nature of it. The kids really enjoyed it too.

    So excited when you talk about the new daughter. She does need a nickname! Does she know about the blog? Maybe she has a preference?

    1. I really enjoyed the movie. I thought it was an intriguing story and I loved the twist at the end (I’d never read the book). And the cinematography on top of everything else was just spectacular.

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