I know…this is a strange post to have, but bear with me here.

Divorce-DecreeFor those unaware of my past, I separated from my wife about six years ago after less than two years of marriage. It was just one of those situations where we had quickly realized that we shouldn’t have been married to begin with and were much better off as friends (which we are today).

She asked that I arrange and handle all of the divorce proceedings, since we had already agreed upon child support (she didn’t want alimony) and child visitation and didn’t have any assets to divide. We figured it was something I could easily handle.

We thought wrong.

Y’see, I’m a terrible procrastinator. In my mind, we were divorced. In my mind, we weren’t together and that’s all that needed to be said and done. In reality, we were still legally married. I then went through what I like to call my “dark period” before meeting Sunshine and turning my life around. It was at that point I decided to finally fill out the paperwork and send it in.

For anybody who has done their own divorce, there are a lot of little details that need to be filled out. Needless to say, I didn’t pay enough attention to the fine print and the paperwork was sent back. So, being discouraged, waiting a few months before I finally corrected what I thought needed to be done and sent out the paperwork.

It was sent back again.

So I procrastinated and sat on the paperwork for months (again) before sending it out, only to have it sent back yet again. Five times in five years I sent out the paperwork. Five times the paperwork would be sent back to me. Only this latest time, the paperwork was different.

This time, the paperwork told me that they processed my request for divorce, deposited the check that was sent, and were in the process of generating the divorce documents.


divorce-posterThis, obviously, is a VERY good thing. I proposed to Sunshine last year under the idea that I’d be divorced with more than enough time to re-marry. As of Christmas, that hadn’t yet happened and Sunshine was NOT a happy camper. Obviously, she had every right to be upset with me. She began wondering if there was some subconscious thought process that was preventing me from filling out the paperwork properly, not even mentioning the fact that I would wait MONTHS between sending it back to be processed again.

I finally (FINALLY) realized that I didn’t want to be married to my ex-wife anymore. I finally realized that I needed to get this process completed so that I could get married to the woman that I REALLY wanted to get married to.

So now we wait, though this waiting game shouldn’t take as long and, fortunately, we know what’s arriving in the mail. I’m finally getting divorced (for realz this time!) and that means the CBG/Sunshine wedding is officially on for SUMMER 2013~!!

I don’t know if you can tell, but I’m fairly excited about this turn of events. Stay tuned for lots of details over the coming months.

Virtual wedding, anyone?


10 thoughts on “Divorced~!!

  1. Although I filed the required, ‘Statement of Claim’ ( I always forget the name of the document, as its title seems to have no correlation to the act of divorce) within a month of separating for the second time, I have yet to get the required financial documents to my lawyer. My estranged husband has yet to even retain a lawyer (technically, he is in default of the claim) and so we sit in limbo.

    Perhaps, I avoid pushing the proceedings as he and I have been getting on so well, and I fear that dealing with things would negatively impact on our ability to stay civil. Ridiculous, I know.

    We still have to wait for another eight months before the divorce could be finalized and I know that I have to kick things into gear at some point.

    Ugh, the burden of being a natural born procrastinator.

  2. Oh yes please to the virtual wedding! I know I have never met either of you, and certainly don’t comment very much, but I have loved following you both on this ride! So happy to see that it is all coming together for you both!

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