soldA few weeks ago, I finally received an offer on my house after months on the market. It was a little bittersweet because I’m losing money on the deal, but I just can’t continue to pay a mortgage on an empty house while Sunshine pays for our apartment in the city. On the other hand, it’s absolutely incredible because it’s one of those “final pieces” required to make my move to Sunshine’s city 100% official.

Over the weekend, Sunshine and I had a “moment”. She was talking about some of the things I’ll have to move and what I’ll have to throw away next weekend when we get the moving truck ready to empty out what’s left in my house. I think she finally realized that this is all REALLY happening.

I think there was always that “escape clause”, of sorts…the one that was there on the off chance that things didn’t work out. There was always that remote possibility that I could end things, move out, and head back to my house.

Nope…not any more.

The finality of me donating some items to charity and selling off everything that I’m not bringing with me really hit Sunshine. She even told me that she hoped that she was worth it in the end.

Kids…there is nothing else in this world that makes me happier than being with Sunshine. Moving to be with her and been an incredibly positive experience and I have ZERO regrets about any of it. I couldn’t be in a more positive space than I am right now.

“Sold”…it’s not just a country song for me anymore. It’s the end of one chapter of my life…and one I’m glad to be moving on from.


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