Thoughts on my second wedding

Both Sunshine and I are getting more and more excited about our upcoming nuptials. The only thing that we’re beginning to have seconds thoughts about it the venue.

It’s weird…neither one of us wanted a big second wedding. We initially just wanted to go elope on a cruise or something, but we know our kids want to be involved and it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t include them in this event. So then we came up with the idea of getting married on the roof of the Halifax Seaport Farmer’s Market, which is a location that holds a very special place in our hearts and is absolutely gorgeous in the summertime.

Last Friday, Sunshine asked a rather simple question:

“What if we just packed up all the kids and took them on a destination wedding down south? Hello cruise ship wedding!”

This question resulted in a fairly lengthy conversation between the two of us. There are a lot of pros and cons to this possibility, the least of which is the fact that my “new” daughter probably wouldn’t yet be comfortable enough with our family to want to go on a trip alone with us and that Sunshine’s family probably wouldn’t want to come.

Of course, my “new” daughter may actually want to come on the trip. And maybe Sunshine’s family doesn’t need to come. Maybe it only needs to be us with the kids and that’s it.

I dunno. It’s not a decision that we should take lightly or quickly. We have about a month or so before a deposit is required on our original location. My thought is that I want this wedding to be FUN for us. I don’t care if it’s perfect or beautiful or pristine…I just want us to enjoy every minute of it from beginning to end and I want it to be OURS, not what society tells us it should be.

I’m sure we’ll figure things out soon. I guess it’s just a bit more difficult than originally anticipated.

The Past Week

It’s been a very long week.

Moving yet againTwo weekends ago, Sunshine and I made the journey to my old house to empty it out. Y’see, it finally sold and closes in a couple of weeks…so with Easter just around the corner and not a lot of time to move everything out before the closing date, we decided to do it sooner rather than later.

Because the majority of the small things had already been moved (clothes, dvd’s, etc) and the majority of the items left over were being donated to my younger sister (so there wasn’t any real sense of “carefulness” when packing stuff like dishes), the move went a lot faster and smoother than my previous move a couple of years ago.

Happy St Patrick's DayIn fact, things were going so well that both Sunshine and I decided to go out on a date Saturday night. Things have been so crazy and hectic lately that we thought we needed to take some time out for ourselves. We went to a restaurant for a nice dinner and a couple of drinks. It was nice to get out for a couple of hours and just hang out together…we don’t do that nearly enough.

The next day my little brother showed up to help move the last of my things. I dropped 2/3 of my items off for my sister and then drove back home to Sunshine to unload the remaining items (my kitchen table set, my bedroom furniture set, etc).

That night I got sick. I could feel it coming on during the day, but was determined to not let it get to me until the move was over. When I woke up the next day, it all hit me at once.

Now I did my best to not end up with one of those “man colds” and whine and complain like a baby. But I’ve been sneezing and coughing and blowing my nose all friggin’ week and it’s done a few things:

  • Made the “unpacking process” pretty much a dead issue.
  • Made Sunshine want to take care of me MORE than she already does (because she’s awesome and all).
  • Made my desire to blog about a 0%.
  • Made the ability to have some “sexy time” with my gal less than normal. A LOT less.

So needless to say, I haven’t blogged all week and I haven’t enjoyed some of the perks of living with my one true love all week.

Thankfully, I’m finally feeling better.



One Year Later: THE PROPOSAL!!

It’s been exactly one year since I made the best decision in my entire life and proposed to Sunshine. So much has happened since that day, yet it’s still very much fresh in my mind.

Not a day goes by where I don’t count myself to be one of the luckiest men on the planet to have not only found my soulmate, but also my best friend.

I know that this story is a fun one to read and re-live (it’s fun to re-tell, too!), so hopefully you’ll enjoy re-reading it as much as I did.



I know…this is a strange post to have, but bear with me here.

Divorce-DecreeFor those unaware of my past, I separated from my wife about six years ago after less than two years of marriage. It was just one of those situations where we had quickly realized that we shouldn’t have been married to begin with and were much better off as friends (which we are today).

She asked that I arrange and handle all of the divorce proceedings, since we had already agreed upon child support (she didn’t want alimony) and child visitation and didn’t have any assets to divide. We figured it was something I could easily handle.

We thought wrong.

Y’see, I’m a terrible procrastinator. In my mind, we were divorced. In my mind, we weren’t together and that’s all that needed to be said and done. In reality, we were still legally married. I then went through what I like to call my “dark period” before meeting Sunshine and turning my life around. It was at that point I decided to finally fill out the paperwork and send it in.

For anybody who has done their own divorce, there are a lot of little details that need to be filled out. Needless to say, I didn’t pay enough attention to the fine print and the paperwork was sent back. So, being discouraged, waiting a few months before I finally corrected what I thought needed to be done and sent out the paperwork.

It was sent back again.

So I procrastinated and sat on the paperwork for months (again) before sending it out, only to have it sent back yet again. Five times in five years I sent out the paperwork. Five times the paperwork would be sent back to me. Only this latest time, the paperwork was different.

This time, the paperwork told me that they processed my request for divorce, deposited the check that was sent, and were in the process of generating the divorce documents.


divorce-posterThis, obviously, is a VERY good thing. I proposed to Sunshine last year under the idea that I’d be divorced with more than enough time to re-marry. As of Christmas, that hadn’t yet happened and Sunshine was NOT a happy camper. Obviously, she had every right to be upset with me. She began wondering if there was some subconscious thought process that was preventing me from filling out the paperwork properly, not even mentioning the fact that I would wait MONTHS between sending it back to be processed again.

I finally (FINALLY) realized that I didn’t want to be married to my ex-wife anymore. I finally realized that I needed to get this process completed so that I could get married to the woman that I REALLY wanted to get married to.

So now we wait, though this waiting game shouldn’t take as long and, fortunately, we know what’s arriving in the mail. I’m finally getting divorced (for realz this time!) and that means the CBG/Sunshine wedding is officially on for SUMMER 2013~!!

I don’t know if you can tell, but I’m fairly excited about this turn of events. Stay tuned for lots of details over the coming months.

Virtual wedding, anyone?