Resolutions Can Suck My Left Nut

new-years-resolutionsI refused to make resolutions this year. It just seemed like a ridiculous notion…starting the year off by making promises you probably won’t be able to keep. You promise to lose weight, but dieting and going to the gym is long done and gone by the time the summer arrives.  You promise yourself that you’re going to start saving up money, but just can’t help buying that unnecessary 20-disc blu-ray collection of “The Best of Firefly”. You tell yourself that you’re going to become a better person, yet you still find yourself tripping small children as they gleefully skip along unaware of your cruel intentions.

Okay…maybe that last one is a bit “off”, but I think you get my drift.

Yet here I am at the end of January wanting to talk about New Year’s resolutions. Why? Well, I figured that if I told myself that I wanted to start something at the beginning of February, then it’s not really a resolution and I won’t have to end up breaking it.

Make sense?

Here’s the deal…there are a lot of things on my plate right now and 2013 looks to be a heckuva interesting year. I’ve got a wedding to prepare for, a new job to flourish in, a family trip to Florida to begin planning, a second mortgage to finally dump, and a meeting tomorrow evening that could alter my entire life on a go-forward basis (oooohh…the intrigue of it all!). I need to write these things down so I’m held accountable for them. I am a terrible procrastinator and I need this…I really need accountability.

The problem is I feel that if I had put some of these things into some type of “resolution blog”,  then it would just kinda be for the sake of blogging. I don’t want to do that. I don’t want to just throw shit against the laptop and call it a blog post. I only want to write because I love to write, not because I feel obligated to join a thousand other bloggers.

So there you go. No resolutions this year, but I’m absolutely going to write down my goals and objectives for 2013. There’s just too much going on to NOT write them down.


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