This Is 40

This is 40Sunshine and I had the opportunity to catch “This is 40” this past weekend. We’d tried to see it previously, but massive line-ups and sold-out shows had put a damper in those plans. This time, we decided to pick up our tickets ahead of time and grab dinner beforehand, making it a Saturday date night.

After eating at East Side Mario’s, we made our way to a jam-packed movie theatre parking lot. I don’t know what it’s like anywhere else on a Saturday night, but this is the second time this month (the supposedly “slow movie period”) where we’ve spent 5-10 minutes looking for a parking spot at our city’s movie theatre (there are three different theatres in the area). Are movies hurting? Certainly doesn’t seem like it to us!

So we got inside and, with 15 minutes to go, still had to sit in the front section of the theatre because it was so full already (it ended up being 3/4 full).  The movie has been in theatres almost a month (it was released on December 21st) and it’s still chugging right along (it’s hovering around $65 million so far). We had been wanting to see it since we first saw the trailer and after finally seeing it, we think it was worth the wait.

This is  40Overall, this movie had a LOT of laughs. As is the case with most Paul Rudd and Judd Apatow movies, this is definitely “adult comedy” so if you get offended easily, you probably won’t enjoy it like we did. Now that’s not to say this was an Adam Sandler “fart joke film”, but rather a more realistic take on life with a lot of cursing and some crude humour (which Sunshine and I are a fan of).

Along with the laughs, the movie also brought along a good amount of depressing scenes, as well. The main couple face a lot of relationship hurdles to overcome, many of which reflect real life. This realism adds to the “down time” of the movie, but it also makes the funny moments even funnier because the majority of the comedy isn’t too “over the top” or unrealistic, which a lot of comedies tend to do sometimes.

At the end of the day, I think that the realism really made me enjoy this movie a lot. The ups and downs…the trials and tribulations…the issues with kids and technology…the relationships between kids and parents…it all really hit close to home.

While I don’t know if this is a movie I’d watch again, it was definitely enjoyable and I’d recommend it as “date movie” for couples 30 and up.


2 thoughts on “This Is 40

  1. I saw it with a co-worker when it first came out. I thought it had some hilarious parts and some depressing parts… but it was TOO damn long. I thought it would be about 90 minutes but I think it ran over 2 hours. It was enjoyable, yes. But I’m with you, I’ll probably not watch it again.

    1. Y’know, Sunshine and I were thinking the exact same thing as we left the theatre. I mean, there were a lot of scenes that just dragged on too long or weren’t even necessary to the overall story (really…the entire overnight trip to the resort didn’t have anything to do with the rest of the movie).

      But yeah…waaaaay too long.

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