The Raise

So I went on a lunch meeting with my boss on Wednesday. It was basically going to be a get-together to discuss plans for 2013. Even though I just started back in September, my roles and responsibilities have changed dramatically since then.

So this lunch meeting ended up being two hours long and we went over a ton of things.
The biggest thing was near the end of the conversation when I brought up my current salary. She confirmed that annual reviews for “the rest of the boys” take place in the spring. No problem…I was totally prepared to wait until March or April to discuss my salary.  Then she said we should have a review right now.
So she asked me how much I felt that I was worth. I told her I felt that I have become worth more than my initial base salary.  So she asked me again how much I felt I was worth.
I paused to look at the notes I had taken during our meeting. I had a number in my head but felt it was a big jump from my current base (almost 17% more).  She told me that she could see that I had a number in my mind and to just spit it out.
I took a deep breath and told her the number.  She said that she agreed and that she had already gotten the accounts payable person to apply it to this today’s pay.
Apparently, she has been so happy with my work and (more importantly) relieved to have come back from her Christmas vacation without any fires to put out, that she decided to give me a raise. And as it turns out, we both agreed on my worth after only four months on the job.
Can’t really argue with an almost 17% bump in salary after four months, eh?

6 thoughts on “The Raise

  1. Glad to see that you know your worth and that you’re not afraid to ask for it. Also? SHE sees your worth, too…and that’s a very good quality to have in your employer. Very proud of you, sweetie. xo

  2. Be proud. That’s an amazing testament to your true value when an employer actually sees it and rewards you accordingly, without being asked. Also, the fact you also knew you were worthy of being compensated means you have the self confidence and that is priceless.

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