Five Of A Kind

I’ll be the first one to admit that I’m not very good with babies. Oh I handled more than my fair share of dirty diapers, 3am feedings, and projectile vomit clean-up sessions…but I really feel uncomfortable with them. 

No, I’m definitely a “toddler and up” kind of guy. And lately, I’ve really felt as though I’ve found my “niche” with being a dad. Not only am I still the “cool dad” who knows all the latest hit music, but I’m a dad that can find ways to play and hang out with the kids, too. I just have a “comfort level” with younger kids that isn’t there with babies.

Go PersonOne of the ways that I’ve been bonding lately has been with cards. It’s fun, actually. The two youngest are 6 and  7, so we’ve been having fun playing Go Fish…which is the most classic beginner card game that I can remember. I also play Crazy 8‘s with the 9 year old, which is also a lot of fun because there’s a bit more strategy and thinking involved. In fact, we played that game as a family of four recently, with the girls gleefully slamming down a 2 as to make one of the adults “pick up two” and then make us “miss a turn” after laying down a Jack (the rules change from family to family, I think). 

History of cardsIt’s funny…I even wondered the other day how card games actually started. I began wondering if the originators of card games would ever have considered being the source of family bonding in the 21st century. I mean, just think about it…the ability to sit at a table or a couch (or pretty much anywhere) and instantly bond with a child over something as simple as a deck of cards is something that can easily be taken for granted…and that’s something I don’t plan on ever doing again.

So I’m very much looking forward to our next “family night”, with my son and fiance and future step-daughters all sitting around a table…maybe with two decks of cards…playing Go Fish or some other easy-to-play family card game.

I’m sure it’ll happen over the holidays…we’re going to be our own five of a kind!


3 thoughts on “Five Of A Kind

  1. Once your kids can play rummy try this card game called five crowns. We are just crazy about it. I got it at barnes and noble.

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