Makin’ Memories

The other night was a very special one for me. It was a night, quite honestly, I’ve been looking forward to for quite some time: a family Christmas tree decorating night.

Y’see, I haven’t really felt like part of a family for quite some time (as I mentioned earlier this week), and I’ve been really getting into the spirit of family this Christmas because I’ve finally got a family of my own to celebrate with and take care of.

Our first family Christmas treeThe tree was delivered by Sunshine’s sister-in-law (her brother is a tree grower, which comes in handy this time of the year!). At first, I wasn’t sure how it would look…but then I remembered how scrawny my previous fake trees had been, and I just knew that this year would be different.

So I cut the ties just before we sat down for supper, hoping that the tree would “expand” by the time we started to decorate it. Thankfully, that’s exactly what happened!

Fireplace fun and a Christmas treeThe tree is just over six feet tall, which is perfect for our home. We placed it in the corner between our television and the front window. We were pretty excited about how it was beginning to look and, since I was feeling in the spirit and all, I decided to turn on the “fireplace channel”. It was cheesy, sure…but the whole thing was fun.

We took a quite break to have some hot chocolate. Sunshine actually prepared the BEST hot chocolate that I think I’ve ever had. It started with the basic powder and hot water, then some marshmallows to melt in the cups…

Hot chocolate part 1

…then a bit of cinnamon, and then some whipped cream!!

Hot chocolate part 2

Yeah…this was good.

Of course, it wouldn’t have been right if we didn’t each take a turn at the can…

Whipped cream 2 Whipped cream 3 Whipped cream 1

Once that was done, I sat back and watched the girls decorate the tree. They started with their own ornaments before turning to mine. I almost broke down when I saw an ornament that my mom made for the girls before she passed away…it just flooded my mind with happy thoughts.

I knew that she’d be looking down on me right now and smiling; knowing just how good my life was finally becoming after 40 years of trying to get things right.

Almost done

Once the tree was done, the girls decided to snuggle up with me. It was like icing on the cake…the full family feeling that I’ve always wanted to have. These girls are now my girls, too…and I’m their step-dad-to-be, and all is good with us.

CBG with MoMo & Kiddo

And yes, Sunshine HAD to take a family photo to cap off the evening!


Christmas can take its time getting here. The build-up is too much fun to have it end on the 25th!


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