A Little Paint…

It’s funny just how much change can take place after a few brush strokes. 

Sunshine and I didn’t care for our apartment’s colors too much when we moved in. The plan was to slowly make our way around the apartment…room to room…and create a home that was *ours* and one that we could truly call our own.

We started doing that about a month or so ago when we painted the living room. We continued on that path over the weekend with some added touches.

This is how we started our journey…

It didn’t take long at all to see an immediate difference to not only how the room looked, but how it felt. As soon as Sunshine began putting paint on the walls, we both began to enjoy our new home just a little bit more.

It took a couple of days to complete it all, but when it was completed we had this…

This past weekend we didn’t have a ton of items on our plate so we decided to kick back and relax on Friday night with a beverage or two (or three) and some snacks. And yes…those snacks are real. And yes…they’re awesome.

Once Sunday rolled around, we decided to use a “two-prong” attack on some of the “added touches” for our living room. I was going to work on a home-made shelf that we purchased for $15 at a second-hand store and Sunshine was going to paint a small portion of our hallway with chalk board paint.

The shelf came about after a search to find something to put my dvd’s and blu-rays on. I mean, Sunshine has a few movies in her collection but I’m a HUGE fan of movies and I collect them quite often. After not being happy searching for something new in various stores, we went to a second-hand shop to see what they had. We were immediately taken with something that looked like it was pieced together by somebody in their garage. It was the perfect size for holding dvd’s and just looked like it would need some TLC. So we bought some paint that would hopefully make it close in colour to our massive bookcase. I think it turned out pretty good.

Not a perfect match, but it’s close enough!

Around the corner, Sunshine was putting some chalk board paint on the wall  between the bathroom and the kitchen. It’s funny…I always thought that something like a chalk board wall was “too contemporary” for me. I just never saw myself as a guy with anything but bland, muted-coloured walls. But one of the great things about Sunshine is her creativity, and this really turned into something very cool.

In another day or two, the wall will be ready to be drawn on. And I, for one, can’t wait to see the girls have a blast letting their inner artist come out on the wall…not to mention the look on my son’s face when he sees it on his next visit down.

So with just a little bit of paint over the course of the weekend, we’ve made our apartment more of a home. It’s just a bit crazy to think how much can change in just a short amount of time.


2 thoughts on “A Little Paint…

  1. That is awesome!! You two are a great team and talented too 😉 great idea for nice touches!! I love it! (and love the wine and beer pics, so funny as was the Twitter/FB banter on Friday night!)

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