Chris Brown is still a douchebag

<begin rant>

Every time I think somebody like Chris Brown has learned his lesson (he is getting a second chance with Rihanna, after all), he just says or does something that reminds me just why I don’t like him and never will.

This is what he dressed up as for Halloween:

Chris Brown the terroristYes, Brown dressed up as a terrorist. Just when you thought he’d like to garner some positive PR for a change, he just says “f*ck the world” and continues to act like a douche.

He even had the nerve to tweet the following picture with the caption “Ain’t nobody F**king wit my clique!!!!”

Chris Brown is still a f*ckin' douche Classy.

I realize that the guy is allowed to dress-up as whatever he likes, but at some point you would think there needs to be a line drawn somewhere. 

I’m not offended by his dressing as the Taliban. I’m offended by his lack of giving a sh*t about how what he does affects others. I’m offended by the fact that he’s never given a true heart-felt apology for what he did to Rihanna and instead whined about how nobody would simply drop the subject. I’m offended by the dumb women out there who constantly show love and admiration for this guy in spite of who he is…just check out this Twitter account, “Beat Me Chris Brown” (

I don’t get it. Can’t we just forget this loser and move on to more talented people and celebrities like…oh I don’t know…Nickelback or Justin Bieber? Hell…I’d rather read about the one remaining member of Milli Vanilli than read about the dumb-ass exploits of Chris Brown.

He and all of those worthless, talentless Kardashians need to just go away.

</rant over>


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