You Know It’s A Good Day When…

You know it’s a good day when…

 …the sun is shining and the birds are chirping (even if they are getting ready to head south for the winter).

…the elevator door is open waiting for you when you arrive.

…the boss hands you an unexpected compliment.

…your iPod plays your favorite song on the random setting without you having to search for it.

…that big truck on the highway pulls over and lets you pass.

…when your child gives you an out-of-the-blue hug for no reason other than to say “I love you”.

…a co-worker brings in a crock-pot of home-made soup because she doesn’t want everybody to get sick. 

…the hard work you’ve put into your job over the past couple of weeks is recognized and appreciated.

Bonus Points!!

…your significant other is taking you out on a Friday night date to kick-off the weekend!


Here’s the best part…the reason you know it’s a “good day” is because of the way you look at things.

Seriously, kids…make sure you stop and smell the roses every day. Never lose sight of the following truth… “a happy life is 90% mindset and attitude“. You can’t afford to not appreciate how life around you is really pretty good. Be full of goodness and have fun. Besides… what’s the alternative? 

NO Excuses.


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