The Bookcase

Is there anything else that can rock a relationship to the very core more than do-it-yourself furniture? I think not.

So on this…a Friday that sees me hangin’ with my son for the weekend…I’m going to sit back and reflect on putting together the most atrociously difficult piece of furniture I’ve ever put together.

I’m going to sit back and wonder just how I ended up finishing it without (a) seriously injuring myself, (b) seriously putting it together wrong, (c) seriously getting into an argument of some kind with Sunshine (over nothing, really), and (d) seriously losing my ever-loving mind.

This thing SUCKED putting together. But now it’s done.

I shall stand back and marvel at how awesome I am.


7 thoughts on “The Bookcase

  1. That…is an awesome bookcase! Congrats! I hate putting furniture together and I usually start dropping F-bombs as soon as it’s out of the box, I then get frustrated and call someone to put the rest together. AND…I never read the instructions.

    Have fun putting all kinds of neato things on it!!

  2. Ha! Looks so simple – yet those are usually the hardest to put together!! My work desk? Took us FOUR HOURS to put together. M was the most patient man in the world!

  3. My wife gets out of sight whenever i start working on something. She knows by experience how intense i could become.

    Nice work man! I am already thinking of a project that me and my 5yr old kid could work on!

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