Pride and Inspiration

I remember, vividly, when Sunshine ran a half marathon last year. I remember it because I let her down on a number of levels, the biggest being that I wasn’t there at the end of the race. There were reasons, sure…but regardless of the reasons, I wasn’t there when she needed me.

It’s been a year of me wanting to make up for that mistake.

Sunshine pre-race...bring it on!!Yesterday, Sunshine ran a FULL MARATHON on Prince Edward Island. I can’t even begin to tell you just how impressed I am at the mere thought of running a marathon, much less actually completing one.

We started the day in the near-freezing temperatures on the northern beaches of PEI. It may be beautiful during the summer, but it’s just blistering in the fall. People were dressed in everything from tank tops and short shorts to toques and ear muffs. In addition to that were the crazy people like me…driving all over the island from marker to marker to stand in the cold and yell out our support for the people we love.

The start of the PEI Marathon
If you look really close at the middle, the one with the turquoise jacket and the black hat is Sunshine.

And if that in itself wasn’t enough, she obliterated the time that she ran five years ago in her first marathon…by over an hour! She finished over 42 km (over 24 miles) in under five hours. How awesome is she??

The official time was one second less than this - 4:42!!
The official time was one second less than this – 4:42!!

Sunshine kickin' ass at the 25km mark of the PEI MarathonFor those of you who read both of our blogs, you know that she almost didn’t even run it. Thanks to some positive words from some great people, she changed her mind and ran her ass off yesterday.

To say that I’m impressed would be an understatement. I’m inspired by her achievement. I’m in awe at her ability. Because she overcame so much in terms of mental blocks in order to run this AND finish it, I’m more proud of her than my words can really say.

I believe in her…and hopefully, after yesterday, she can now believe in herself.

Sunshine post-race...finished strong!! PEI Marathon


12 thoughts on “Pride and Inspiration

  1. that’s incredible! coming from a so non runner, mom and wife of runners…an hour dropped in a year? an HOUR?????? no. that’s miraculous. I’ve lost touch a bit of your blogs other than to know that phew. less and little travel. One more cross country meet and I’m right back in the saddle of catching up on your story…

    keep up the wonderful work, both of you. ~ Kate

    1. Kate, I ran my first marathon in 2007….it was THAT time that I shaved exactly 69 minutes from. Back then, my goal was to simply finish and not be last. πŸ˜‰ This time I had bigger goals, which thankfully I crushed. πŸ˜‰

  2. I’ll be writing about it myself when I finally get the chance, but sweetie, you were absolutely amazing yesterday. I couldn’t have asked for more.

    Somehow you managed to make me fall in love with you even more. How awesome are YOU?

  3. I am BEAMING reading this right now!! I am so so proud!! I am SO glad Sunshine went for it and seriously ran her ass off, awesome awesome job!! And YOU, CBG, are one hell of a sherpa πŸ™‚ nicely done, sir!!! Congrats to BOTH of you!!

  4. Just soooooo stinkin’ proud of both of you. So excited that she went for it, despite her fears. Way to go kickin’ fear’s ass, girlfriend!

    If I were there, I’d totally kiss both of you. (And you know I would. πŸ˜‰ )

  5. Way to go CBG! Sunshine is one lucky lady!!! (And of course, you are one lucky dude!) Both of YOU inspire ME to be a better me in every way! Love you guys!

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