The Weekend That Wasn’t

I don’t even know where to begin when it comes to this past weekend…

Okay, let’s start with the fact that it was the Canadian Thanksgiving. A nice, three-day weekend for all of us to enjoy. In fact, I got off of work early on Friday and picked up the girls from school (a pretty cool step-dad thing to do). We then picked up Sunshine from work and head to Moncton to enjoy some time with Ankle Biter. 

We arrived in Moncton a bit early and were able to pick him up before supper. We all went to the grocery store and things started to go a bit…ummm…”off”. I immediately wanted to get in and out and quickly as possible. I was hungry, we had three hungry kids, and I know that sometimes grocery shopping with Sunshine can take a bit longer than I’d like.

I actually got frustrated at the checkout, which ended up being a sign of things to come for the rest of the weekend for both Sunshine and myself.

I don’t know why we find it so difficult to handle three kids. Heck, we actually had less issues with four children running around during the summer. For whatever reason, we both get stressed out when it comes to us and three kids at the same time.

Anyway, so we were set to go apple picking on Saturday morning. We ate our breakfast and head out for the 30-minute drive to the orchard. The weather forecasted it as being fairly nice for a fall day (15 degrees Celcius/59 degrees Fahrenheit), but with the wind blowing and the sun hiding behind some dark clouds, it ended up cold…REALLY cold.

We went to Belliveau Orchard and arrived around 10:30am. We went to grab a couple of bags from inside and the kids were pretty excited. The lady told us that they had wagon rides to another part of the orchard starting at 11am along with a corn field maze to enjoy. The kids thought that sounded like fun so we agreed to stand in line for the wagon ride.

Turns out that wasn’t a very good idea. It was freezing cold. Sunshine was miserable, the kids weren’t having fun, and the 30-minute wait felt like three hours. So we agreed that we’d just try the smaller orchard by the entrance just to pick SOMETHING and get out of there. But not before getting a picture of the kids first…

We were inside before 11am and explained that we were too cold to go on a wagon ride and not know when we could come back. The lady said that, unfortunately, the smaller orchard couldn’t be picked from when the wagons were going and that we HAD to go on them. 

We then left. Apple-less. Angry. Pissed off. We vowed never to go back there again. If the lady had told us about this option BEFORE we stood in line, we wouldn’t have stood in line. Turns out there ended up being a 2-hour wait for apples as the afternoon went on as they were only allowing certain numbers of people to pick at any given time…so I can only imagine how upset other people were.

Sunshine and I then got into an argument on the drive back to Moncton. We went to the Moncton Farmer’s Market and things started to look up a bit. The kids got some snacks and we then surprised them by taking them to see Hotel Transylvania. We all laughed and good times were had by all.

For supper, because we simply didn’t have the time to cook a turkey, we decided to have a Thanksgiving pizza instead. So I went out for pizza and didn’t get back for almost an hour because it was so bloody busy there. It was over-priced and I was grumpy and hungry when I finally got back home. Then the girls said that they weren’t overly impressed with the pizza, even though they were eating it.


At least we got a family photo op out of the meal…

We settled in to watch The Muppets as a family. It was two hours of laughter and singing and all seemed better. Then somehow Sunshine and I got our signals crossed again and were immediately back to “not getting along” mode. She went to bed alone and I stayed up watching television until 11pm before quietly making my way to bed.

NOT the way I wanted our day to end.

Sunday morning brought along the hugs and Sunshine and I should have given to each other the night before and all seemed right with the world. Ankle Biter was picked up by his mom at noon and the girls and I started our way back home to Halifax. We wanted to stop for McDonald’s milkshakes along the way but when we stopped in the town that had a McDonald’s, it wasn’t there anymore. Turns out they were re-building a new one from scratch. No problem, I thought…there is a McDonald’s in the Walmart.

No…they don’t serve milkshakes there.

We finally got milkshakes at Dairy Queen and, two hours later, were home after a very long weekend. The girls went back to their dad’s yesterday at noon and then Sunshine and I went about finally (!!) painting our new apartment. I was to build the large bookcase we purchased from JYSK a couple of weeks ago and she was going to start putting the paint to the walls.

Turns out that of the three boxes that made up the bookcase, one of them had a color that was completely different from the other two. That almost sent Sunshine over the top because the bookcase is a major focal-point of our living room. Thanks for nothin’, JYSK…

Upset but realizing there was nothing else we could do on a holiday Monday, she then began painting and I went outside to mow one last time for the season.

At this point the room is only half done. The bookcase remains unfinished. No apples were picked. The weekend REALLY didn’t go as we planned at all.

Thankfully, we were able to look at each other and laugh about things over supper. I mean, when absolutely nothing goes the way you want it to, what else can you do?

At least we have each other…and that’s all we really need.


3 thoughts on “The Weekend That Wasn’t

  1. Whoo! I know how grumpy I get without food… I can’t imagine GJ and I BOTH being that way at once! It can definitely be overwhelming to be outnumbered by kids when things aren’t going as planned. I totally get this. Glad you at least got to go to bed together after some evening laughter.

    Snuggles make everything better!

  2. oy vei, what a comedy of errors weekend! in hindsight, I hope you can laugh at some of it, learn from some of it and move on to the next with a fresh start 🙂

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