I Believe In You

I found out yesterday that Sunshine had decided to NOT run her marathon in a couple of weeks. This is the marathon that she’s been training for since she did the half-marathon last year.

It turns out that I inadvertently contributed to her decision. At one point a few weeks ago she came back from a big run and told me how many kilometers she ran. I actually sounded disappointed to her in the results. I wish I hadn’t sounded that way because I can’t even run ONE kilometer without having to stop three or four times and breaking out a sweat. She ran over 30km that day and I couldn’t have been more proud of her.

I also tried giving her a pep talk the other night that ended up falling flat. My point was to try to get her to enjoy the training and get the most out of every moment so that she enjoys the marathon itself, because if she’s not having fun then why even bother. Apparently the words didn’t quite come out the way I wanted them to and I ended up sounding like I was talking her OUT of the marathon.


We talked last night and I tried to relay my true feelings to her. We discussed the deeply-rooted concerns and fears that she has about running the marathon again (she did her first a few years ago before we met). We discussed just how much she inspires me…how doing what she does isn’t something just anybody can do.

I don’t know if she woke up changing her mind about the marathon or not, but she took off at 5am this morning for a long run.

I believe in you, Sunshine. Whether you decide to run this or not run it, I’m behind you 100%. Do whatever YOU want to do…just know that I look up to you and am inspired by what you have been able to accomplish on so many levels. I don’t think…I KNOW that you can kick ass in a marathon if it’s something you really want to do. And if you don’t…screw it. It’s not the end of the world…it’s just whatever you want to do.

I love you. I believe in you.

You rock.



6 thoughts on “I Believe In You

  1. I read her post yesterday (sorry I did not comment, but life…gets busy at times)

    Even PREPARING for a marathon, or any race for that matter, is such a feat! The mental part of it is the most important. I was an avid runner for 2 years, ran races and ran every stinkin’ day until a hip flexor/bone spur stopped me (if I continued, I would’ve needed hip surgery to repair. My body just isn’t designed for running) and I was soooo bummed! I miss the rush of a race, the friends you make along the way, just the ultimate “spirit” of the race atmosphere. It’s amazing!!!!!!

    In NO way is this defeat, as she is getting out there running for miles at what, 4/5 am???? The only ones that do that are the ones dedicated to their overall well being and determination to do what they set out to do. I think it’s more admirable to run consistently than to run a few races a year. Anyone can do that, then….they hang up their shoes.

    I think she’s awesome!!!!!! And I agree…she rocks! xoxo

    1. GOOD NEWS~!! She has changed her mind and has decided to try running the marathon!!

      The only thing that will stop her now will be an injury. Fingers crossed, that won’t be an issue.


  2. Love love love this. You tell her CBG. She can totally run this. She’s practically run all 26.2 already. And like I told her, though, just because she didn’t run the actual race (if she really does not), that doesn’t mean she failed and that doesn’t mean she isn’t capable. She doesn’t need a race to prove that. She’s a bad ass runner and I think she’s amazing. 🙂 Love that you wrote this!

  3. I love this. I knew you were supporting her but she was letting her fear translate what you were saying to her.

    By the way, Olympic swimmer Dara Torres focuses on her “number” – the time she wants to complete certain distances – before she jumps in the pool. Focusing on that number, really feeling that it’s possible, is what helps her to make her number just about every single time!

    GO Sunshine! And GO you for being such a great man for her.


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