Falling Behind

I’m now into my fourth week living with Sunshine in our new apartment. She’s been living here since the beginning of August. We’ve got big plans for our new home and we have every intention of fulfilling them sooner rather than later. The problem, though, is that we just keep falling behind schedule.

This past weekend was supposed to be the perfect weekend to get things done. Unfortunately, both Saturday and Sunday ended up being non-stop and jam-packed full of unscheduled things to do. So as 4:30pm arrived on Sunday, we realized that there just wasn’t going to be any real time to start work on our living room…even though we have primer and paint ready to go, a new bookshelf to assemble, and a ton of boxes still unpacked from Sunshine’s initial move. So we just said “f*ck it”, ate supper, watched some Seinfeld, and went to bed.

One of the hold-ups is our living/family situation. During the week we get one night alone to ourselves. At this point, all we want to do is just relax. Heck…we’ve even said that we’d like to go out and make Tuesdays our “date night”, but when we finally get home we are either too tired or just too lazy to do anything else but bum around the apartment. The rest of the week we are usually exhausted by the time her two girls are in bed for the night.

Also, because of the craziness that makes up our week, most of the “normal tasks” that we want to accomplish end up being pushed to the weekends. This is certainly one area that we’ll need to make some adjustments to as time goes on. We’ll need to figure out a way to get things done with the girls during the week after supper. It might mean later evenings out, but it will then give us time on the weekends to do things that we plan on doing.

Yet another hold-up is me. With my house still not sold yet, I still have furniture that has yet to be moved here. Because of that, the bedroom is still up in the air in terms of how it will be finally decorated and the living room can’t have that “final arrangement” yet because we don’t have all of the pieces to the puzzle yet.

So here we sit writing blogs…9pm on a Sunday evening and we’re both mentally and physically exhausted from running errands all weekend. Another 48 hour period with planned updates to our living quarters has now come and gone.

The hope is that we can really get some work done next Monday (it’s the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend and our kids will be with their other parents on Monday as we have them on Saturday/Sunday). That’s the plan, anyway.

Hopefully nothing else happens that makes us fall behind yet again. We want this apartment to no longer simply be a place we live in; we want it to be a home.


4 thoughts on “Falling Behind

  1. Heck, I live alone (with my kids obviously but no other adult) and I have the same problem! I’m trying to get things done, here and there, during the week so that my weekends are far less stressful. It’ll get there. Baby steps!

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