The biggest reason I remained in a long-distance relationship for the past four years was the fact that my son lived in my city. I would have probably moved a year or two ago, but I just didn’t want to leave my son and sacrifice the relationship that I’ve gone out of my way to build. I mean, it’s not easy being a single dad who doesn’t share 50% custody of his kid to build and then maintain a solid father/child relationship…but it’s something I’ve been able to do and I’m proud of the relationship I’ve built up to this point.

It was a massive leap of faith that I took back in February when I decided that not only would I propose to Sunshine, but I would move to her city to make it OUR city.

As I’ve mentioned numerous times before, I talked with my ex-wife and with my son…who at 5 years old (at the time) not only encouraged the move but was excited about being the ring-bearer at the wedding (scheduled tentatively for next summer).

When I dropped him off at his mom’s two Sundays ago, I was absolutely devastated. My stomach was doing back-flips and I was questioning whether or not this whole thing was a decent decision.

But as I drove my usual 2 1/2 hour trek to Halifax, Nova Scotia…my mindset changed as each kilometer filled my rearview mirror. My sadness began to disappear and my excitement began to grow. The thought of starting a new job in a new city was an experience I hadn’t had ever in my lifetime. Any time I moved to a new city, I either already had a job that was ongoing or was not even employed yet and was on the search for something.

I not only had a new job starting the next day, but I had a new family life waiting for me.

The girls were waiting for me and greeted me with smiles, hugs, and a ton of love. My sadness was gone and I was absolutely filled to the brim with nothing but happiness. I was even met by a home-made sign that all three of the new ladies in my life took the time to make for me…

How could I not be the happiest guy in the world after seeing this??

Leaving was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do. But leaving was also the best decision that I think I’ve ever made.

So how is the relationship with my son doing thus far? Stay tuned…


3 thoughts on “Leaving…

  1. aww! you are such a good dad, CBG. You care so much, and you are doing everything you can to stay close to your son from afar, while bonding with Sunshine’s girls as well. love this.

  2. You know it’s important to stay in touch with him. And heck, you’ve already proven you’re pretty damn good at the long distance relationship thing. 🙂

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