Settling In

Wow…I still have a blog here?

Seriously…you actually dropped by? Well then, I suppose I should have something to say. As a matter of fact, I do.

It’s been just over a week since I made the move from my old life to my new life, and I can’t even begin to tell you just how happy I’ve been during this time. There hasn’t been a shred of self-doubt, an ounce of second-thoughts, or a speck of worry.

No…this move was the RIGHT decision for me to make, without question.

Work is interesting, if nothing else. I mean, my boss is absolutely amazing. I was in her “inner circle” after three days, which is saying something about this woman. She owns a few businesses with her husband and is working with somebody on another, so she’s a very busy woman.Ā  The “interesting” part is that the couple that she’s working with interviewed and hired me (trust me…it’s probably even more complicated than it sounds) and are already concerned about my ability to do my job. It’s weird because after a meeting on Saturday, I was really questioning whether or not I jumped the gun on this job. After talking with my boss on Sunday, I immediately changed my mind and realized that this is exactly what I should be doing at this point.

So yeah, it’s a strange situation with work…but at this point it’s a really good one.

The situation with my son has worked out quite well so far. We’ve talked every two nights via video chat and it’s been a pretty fun experience. I was concerned that I’d be really upset seeing him (leaving last Sunday before driving to my new home was gut-wrenching), but at this point it feels like we’re not really that far apart. It’s been a huge relief, actually…and one that has really helped me adapt to this new life in a new city.

The best part so far, without a shadow of a doubt, has been the new family life I’ve been experiencing with Sunshine and her two girls. Sitting at the dinner table three or four times a week is an absolute blast. We eat, we talk, we laugh, we cry so far from laughing…it’s just an incredible sense of family that I’ve never experienced in my entire adult life. I can’t even begin to explain just how amazing it feels to be so loved and full of happiness on a daily basis.

Just last night I arrived home completely worn out from a long day at work. I could have just passed out once I walked through the door. But as soon as I took my shoes off outside the apartment door, I could hear Kiddo (literally) screaming that I was home from work. I walked in and she was inside jumping for joy, giving me hugs and kisses and smiling from ear to ear. I was then met in similar fashion by Mo, then I got to follow that up with a big ol’ hug and kiss from Sunshine.

Yeah…without question, this has been the right decision. I’m settling in just fine, thank you very much.


9 thoughts on “Settling In

  1. Love this! So glad to hear an update from your perspective! And the job sounds great, a lot to settle into all at once, but I am sure you’ll hit your stride across it all very very soon šŸ™‚

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