The Vacation Ends…

It’s been a whirlwind of a vacation. I mean, we’ve handled four kids in a small-ish space before, but for some reason this past week was a bit tougher than normal.

The week was far from perfect, and there were a number of ups and down for Sunshine and I throughout the week. We’ve got very different parenting styles and VERY different children (especially my teenaged daughter, who is quite the handful at times), so that ended up creating some tense moments at times throughout the week.

But as we discussed in detail on Saturday during some down-time (of which there was very little of all week long), all relationships go through ups and downs. Not all relationships are perfect and blended families usually have to work a lot harder due to the multitude of layers that each side of the family brings to the table.

When it’s just the two of us, the good is 98% of the time…and that can really spoil us when it comes to tough times and stressful parental situations. You want to tell yourself that things will be smooth, but stress is simply going to be part of every day life…especially during a vacation with “extra kids” who don’t normally hang out with one another.

Thankfully, Sunshine and I have an unbeatable ability to talk and discuss issues without everything turning into a blow-out fight. And because of that, we end up coming out of tense situations bigger and better than we were going into it.

So as the vacation ends, so does the majority of our stress as parents of a blended family. Where my daughter is still visiting until the first week of September and I’m still on the hunt for a job in Halifax so I can actually move into OUR home, stress hasn’t exactly left the building yet.

But it’s on its way…


4 thoughts on “The Vacation Ends…

  1. I LOVE this family picture. It is so great, you look so…well, like a family! As you are. With the ups and downs and growing pains as you adjust to each other’s parenting styles, you’ll grown and learn together.

  2. I just wrote a book of a comment on Sunshine’s post. I think the challenges are good. You guys are working through things that need to happen. Very proud of you both for your excellent communication. Keep that up. STAY connected. You’ll be fine.

    Love the picture too!

    Miss y’all and I’m still saying prayers for you, that job and the move!


  3. Differing parenting styles and no communication is what is causing huge problems in my relationship right now. I so wish that we could just communicate without any sarcasm and blowing up all the time. I’m very jealous but happy for you guys at the same time!

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