You’re The Best Dad Ever!

Believe me…these are not words I’m used to hearing. As much as my kids love me, I’ve never actually heard those words before.

…until this weekend.

This was an Ankle Biter weekend and it didn’t really appear to be anything special. There weren’t any plans and we didn’t go out and do magical things. But for some reason, we really connected and had a great time together.

Twice during the weekend he said those words to me. Each time did not appear to be anything special, but yet he found them to be.

At this point, I don’t really care about the reasons(s) behind it. I’m a father…why would I want to question the reasons behind my son saying such an amazing thing to me?

So as I quickly write this on a Monday morning as he sleeps and I get ready to go to work, all I’ll say is that this has been a very memorable weekend because of those words. I couldn’t be more proud of my abilities as a father as I am today.


4 thoughts on “You’re The Best Dad Ever!

  1. your son is a cutie. the first time my daughter said i was the best mommy ever, i had made an accident, and it humbled me because kids see things so differently from us and keep on loving us anyway:)

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