The Mini-Vacation

I’m actually preparing for an awesome week-long vacation that’s scheduled for the second week of August, when my daughter flies in from Ontario and my son is with me for the whole week. We’re all going to be in the new home that I am sharing with Sunshine (that STILL has a difficult time sinking in…lol) and it’s going to be a wild and crazy fun time.

But this weekend is going to be a “prelude” to the actual vacation. After having supper with my son tonight, I’m heading off for a 4-day weekend with Sunshine and I’m really looking forward to it. It’s been awhile since we’ve had some quality down time together, so this should be fun.

The down time is necessary, too. I mean, we’ve only seen each other briefly over the past three weeks for when I’ve driven there and back for job interviews. We need some quality time together, y’know?

In terms of the job hunt, I’m still looking and applying for at least one job every single day. While I’ve had some interviews, nothing has materialized yet. I’m doing my best to not get too down on things, though…I know that I’ll get something sooner rather than later. It’s just stressful on a number of different levels. The hope is that something happens within the next month…I really don’t want Sunshine to have to move into our new place and stay there alone waiting for me for very long (not to mention paying the higher rent while I still pay the mortgage on my house…moving away will come in VERY hand on a number of levels).

So a Thursday night with Sunshine and her girls along the waterfront with a ton of activities going on (Tall Ships!), a “date night” taking place either Friday or Saturday night (Ted!), and meeting up (hopefully) with friends on Sunday…this is shaping up to be exactly what the doctor ordered: sun, fun, and laughter.

Is it tonight yet?


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