The Lease

Saturday was a big day for Sunshine and I. It was truly the “next big step” in our ongoing relationship and the beginning of the end of our long-distance relationship.

On Saturday morning, we signed the lease to  our new place.

I’m still trying to find a job and have to iron out details on what to do with my house, not to mention where I’m going to live part-time when I come to visit my son every two weeks. But things are officially moving now…and as hectic and scary and nerve-wracking as everything may be, I know that in the end the past three-and-a-half years of driving back-and-forth two-and-a-half hours will all be worth it as I wake up next to her in OUR bedroom on OUR street in OUR city.

Life is about to take a very amazing turn, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.


3 thoughts on “The Lease

  1. Congratulations! A huge step for both of you, for sure. I’m sure everything will work out tremendously. One question: Where, exactly, are you signing the paperwork? It looks like a turn-of-the-century General Store. Just sayin’.

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