My Father’s Day Weekend In Pictures

I had a great weekend. The only way it could have been better would have been if all of “my girls” had been with me. As it stands, I was smiling from Friday evening to Monday morning.

Here’s how it went…

The weekend kicked off on Friday night when I picked up Ankle Biter from his mom’s. Turns out, he had wanted to give me cupcakes for Father’s Day so he helped her make some. In addition, he decorated the cupcakes himself!! He got the plain ones, I got the “special” ones. I loved the fact that he put the icing on himself. VERY cool!
I think Ankle Biter was more interested in eating his own cupcakes than seeing me eat mine, but that was okay. Watching him happy makes me happy.
Saturday morning meant a trip to the local zoo for their family-event fundraiser. Somebody was quite excited.
The event started at 11am, but when we arrived at 11:15am the parking lot was PACKED! Needless to say, you can tell by this pic that we were both pretty happy to be at the zoo on a beautiful, sunny day together. Plus dads got in for only $5 because it was Father’s Day weekend. You gotta love that!
There were three bouncy castles set up throughout the zoo. This one, to me, was the best. I mean, how many dragons do you see at the zoo on a regular basis? The castle was pretty big and the kids actually ran inside of the mouth and played inside his stomach! Fun stuff.
Ankle Biter’s just trying to perfect his technique when it comes to bowling. He knocked down nine pins…no complaints there.
One of the family events scheduled was a little magic show put on by a local magician. Ankle Biter was a bit excited for the show.

One of the very first tricks that was done by the magician required a volunteer. Guess who put his hand up? Ankle Biter!! Okay…here’s the set-up: Basically, there are two red balls. The magician gives one to AB and puts the other one in his pocket. When AB opens his hands, there are TWO balls there. He’s slightly excited about the magic trick afterwards…

So the kid wanted to get his face painted. After seeing the work that was done on some of the other kids around the zoo, I was quite impressed and thought the $10 price tag was worth it. We stood in line for ALMOST AN HOUR. I give props to AB because he didn’t complain once…he just wanted to get his face painted.
My hat’s off to the kid. He was a LOT more patient than I could have been. He sat like this and didn’t move the entire time!
The transformation begins…
I wasn’t just impressed by my son’s patience, but also by the artist’s ability. She did some amazing work on this day.
Y’know…this was the toughest part to wash off. I hadn’t really thought about the black around his eyes. When he went to bed that night, it almost looked like he had eye-liner on. Still…it totally worked on him.
Here’s the finished product…my son the wolf!! I mean honestly…does this not totally look like it was worth $10 and 60 minutes? All I had to do was see the smile on his face and know that it totally was.
As we continued to walk around the zoo, AB began taking on wolf-like qualities. Walking as if he was actually STALKING prey was the big thing. Funny how he liked to mug for the camera. I have NO IDEA where he gets that from.
He was hoping to get some kind of reaction from the snakes. It didn’t happen. Still…he looked pretty awesome.
Hey…if he’s happy, then I’m happy. And I think this pic just goes to show just how happy we both were on this day.

Saturday night saw a Skype session take place between Ankle Biter and I with three of my favorite girls in the world: Sunshine, Mo, and Kiddo. The sound didn’t work and a computer issue ended the call early, but I didn’t care…I smile from ear to ear whenever I see “my girls”. The only thing that was missing was my daughter.

So I woke up on Father’s Day to having Ankle Biter hangin’ in the bed with me. Just rolling on top of me and laughing it up. After we got up, ate breakfast, and got ready for the day, he proceeded to give me something.  In addition to the cupcakes I received on Friday night, I was given a home-made Father’s Day card made in the shape of a tie. Needless to say, I was a pretty happy dad.
He said that he drew a picture of the two of us holding hands with hearts all around because he loved me so much. How can that not be the most awesome gift? Wow…my son is awesome!

Before heading out to see my dad, I happened to see the most amazing post over on Sunshine’s blog. Talk about putting a smile on my face!! Gosh how I love those girls…

We went to visit my dad today, making my son REALLY happy (he’s quite fond of his grandfather). It hit me today that I don’t have nearly as many pics of my dad and my son together as I should. After what happened to mom last year, I know just how quickly something could potentially happen…and I want as many memories as possible.

So with my son asleep and me about to head there myself, the phone rang around 10:15pm on Sunday night. Sure enough, my daughter was calling from Ontario to wish me a happy Father’s Day. She was also interested in finding out when we’re flying here down to visit.

I think our little “blow-up” back in April really helped our relationship. She thought I didn’t care anymore…I thought she didn’t care anymore…turns out, we both were just being stubborn and not communicating how we really felt. She ended the call by saying, “I love you” for the first time in MONTHS.

This was a heckuva weekend.


6 thoughts on “My Father’s Day Weekend In Pictures

  1. Aww!! I love this! What a perfect weekend!! Your son is so cute and wow, the kid has patience for that face painting! I agree, that is some talent by the artist doing it, too. And to have the day end with a call from your daughter? SO so great. You all have come a long way in the family and blended family department! I love seeing the evolution!

    1. He had more patience for the face painting than I would have had. And it really worked out because both my dad and his mom wanted pictures of it, so a lot of people got to enjoy it…definitely worth the money.

  2. I LOVE this post so much! What a well deserved wonderful Father’s Day weekend! Sounds like it was pretty darn perfect. 🙂

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