Wordless Wednesday (Maine Blogger Summit version)

Okay…this won’t be exactly “wordless”, but I think you’ll get the picture(s).

So who is ready to spend 10+ hours in a car together today??
Sunshine was just a BIT excited about the weekend. I know it’s difficult to tell because she’s always masking her emotions. #PokerFace
It was just a few seconds after this that an accident with a busload of African orphans en route to Madonna’s house was narrowly avoided. I then decided that watching the road instead of mugging for the camera was probably a fairly decent idea.
I ran over this on the way to Maine. Oh wait…no…it just LOOKS like road kill. Actually, this was M’s dinner on Friday night. It’s an order of chili cheese fries that, funny enough, turned out to be bigger than he was.
T informed me that Michael Bolton was actually a “hard rock” singer before he became the king of cheesy smaltz. I didn’t know that tidbit of musical trivia, so she brought up a video of his on GJ’s phone. THIS is my reaction to watching and listening to that video (see below). PURE HELL.

So here’s a picture of the lake. It really did have quite the view. A lot of peaks and smooth surfaces all over the place. #creeper
Shouldn’t every sunny day in the summer include glasses of wine on a pier on a lake? Yeah…this was pretty awesome.
This would be Sunshine and Jobo posing for a photo op, which is something they rarely did all weekend long. Wait…who is that very small man photobombing this pic?? That can’t be M…even HE isn’t that small, is he?
I’m about to play Twister for the first time ever. Yes…you can tell just how excited I am. I felt as though I should have worn yoga pants just to make things easier, though. Oh well…I’ll have to wear ’em next time along with my assless chaps. #clothingiwillneverwear
Now THIS is a Twister game that I can get into. T, Jobo, and Sunshine. Giddy-up!!
Stopped at a rest spot to enjoy some Starbucks on the way home. I had no idea the moose was even behind us. Photobombing sonofabitch.
We were quite excited to be in Saint John, NB while making our way back home. The Star Trek “beam me up” exhibit was pretty cool…though after the person behind us didn’t return we felt uncomfortable and simply didn’t feel like giving it a try.

Listen, there were a TON of pictures (well over 500) and probably the majority of them are of the nature I don’t want the world to see. So just know that the weekend was absolutely amazing and we had an incredible time with Jobo & M (fantastic hosts who really went above and beyond to take care of their visitors) and T & GJ (these two are a hoot!). Sunshine and I would absolutely meet-up with them again in a heartbeat.


2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday (Maine Blogger Summit version)

  1. OMG I am DYING at your captions, these are hysterical!! Way funnier than my picture post 😉 assless chaps – now THERE is an idea! We had SO much fun with you guys! I am seriously still tired from the weekend though, does that make me old? 😉 We need a blogger summit part two!

  2. Love these pics! Loved the weekend! And I MUST be old because I’m still soooo tired!!

    How can we all be so pooped from relaxing all weekend?!

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