The Maine Blogger Summit Begins!

Just over a month ago, Sunshine told me that she had helped to arrange a mini-vacation of sorts with two fellow bloggers, T and Jobo. It immediately became a “blogger summit” and something that we were all looking forward to.

Well…today Sunshine comes down to visit me, knocking 2.5 hours off of our 10-hour drive tomorrow (not including stops, of course) as we make our way to Maine. We’re driving down from New Brunswick, while T is flying up from Texas with her man, Gentleman Jack. Jobo and her man, M, are going to be hosting this shindig and don’t have much to travel at all.

Preparations have been made and we’re good for accommodations. Jobo sent out an email “menu” to make sure that we were set for food, which ended turning into an 80+ email trail of fun and good times, a preview of what we can expect this weekend. In addition, Jobo even went out on an adult-beverage shopping trip to help move the weekend plans along…

I’m not much of a drinker, but I get the feeling I might have more than I plan on having when all is said and done.

There are only two things that can be considered even remotely negative right now:

1. I’m sick. I woke up yesterday morning with a major head-cold. It sucks, because I’m really looking forward to this weekend and the last thing I wanted to have to deal with was a runny nose. But I’m 100% determined to fight this thing and kick its ass as quickly as possible. Of course, my nose is already looking like Rudolph’s and we haven’t even left yet. Bah.

2. The weather. This is something that, obviously, nobody can control. Currently, the weather is looking…well…”iffy” at best.

Obviously, this isn’t the hot lay-on-the-beach weather that was hoped for by everybody when the original plan was set-up, but it’s certainly not the worst thing that could be happening.

My thought is that if it rains, we’ll either all hang out inside drinking and eating all weekend (not necessarily a terrible idea) or we’ll drive to Boston for some sight-seeing and touristy stuff (a pretty decent alternative, if you ask me).

At the end of the day, all that really matters to me isn’t whether or not we get to sit under the sun by a lake. All that REALLY matters is that good people are getting together to have a good time, regardless of the weather.

I’m sure there will be updates on this “epic adventure” from time to time on Twitter, as well:





Maybe we’ll even use a hashtag: #MaineBloggerSummit

I’m sure there will be a TON of photos taken over the weekend, but not all of them will be made public. I mean, SOME of what happens at the Maine Blogger Summit will have to stay at the Maine Blogger Summit…right?


7 thoughts on “The Maine Blogger Summit Begins!

  1. Too late now but next time you go to Maine, head down to Yarmouth and take the “Cat” ferry across to Maine, it is fast and the ferry is very modern.

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