Fun Music Friday

I was preparing a 90’s music playlist for my Blogger Meet-Up in Maine next weekend (I’ve got an 80’s playlist already created…heh) and I forgot just how much fun 90’s music could be.

So for today, I bring to you some 90’s memories to get your toes tappin’ and your mind ready for a fun weekend!

This one is one of my favorite songs from the 90’s. It never took off at the small-town bar I used to DJ at, but it was huge elsewhere and is still a “cult classic” today.

I never really cared for this video very much, but the song was really popular during the whole “Cotton Eyed Joe” era of mixing dance with country music. I still rock out to this song every once in awhile.

C’mon…it’s “The Floor”!! How can you NOT want to move when you hear this song?

Vastly under-appreciated song from Coolio. Everybody is all about “Gangsta’s Paradise” and “Fantasic Voyage”, but this was the song for me.

These guys had quite the run of hit dance songs during the 90’s. This song was massive during my first couple of years as a DJ and I think it’s just as fun to listen to almost 20 years later.

Yeah…gotta finish up the day with some BBD. As cheesy as this song is, I think it still holds up well as a fun dance number.

That’s all I got, kids. So regardless of what kind of music gets your weekend going, just do what you can to have yourself a great weekend!


One thought on “Fun Music Friday

  1. You are SO right! 90s music IS really fun, isn’t it? These are awesome picks!! I cannot wait for next weekend! REALLY hoping the rainy weather we are in for next week does NOT bleed into the weekend, or I foresee lots of dance parties, Twister and drinking 😉 (well, that will happen anyway, but STILL) 😉

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