26 pounds!

As some of you may know, I made the conscious decision at the beginning of the year to change my life. I was concerned about my health, yes, but I thought it was more than that. I was coming out of a depression and I wanted to do whatever I could to turn my life around and move into a positive direction, beginning with my weight.

I entered 2012 weighing in at 238 pounds. Kids, I’m only 5’7″…that means there was a LOT of room for improvement.

Thought March and April were pretty stagnant in terms of weight loss, I’ve been able to get back on track in May. Sunshine is absolutely helping, though…she’s kickin’ ass and taking names. She’s out all the time running all over the city and that, my friends, is inspiring to me. Sure, this silly race is still taking place in a month’s time but that’s not what is keeping me motivated. No, it’s knowing that my partner in life is doing whatever she can to help inspire and motivate me in addition to motivating herself…and that’s a pretty cool feeling that I’ve never had before.

A boost in self-confidence helps, too. I’ve always had self-esteem issues in life, but I’m finally at a point where I look  in the mirror and I don’t hate myself and I don’t need approval from others to feel good about how I look. That has done WONDERS for me because any time I feel like I want to gorge on food or eat a ton of unhealthiness, I remind myself that I’M WORTH MORE THAN THAT.

So after five full months of changing my life, I woke up this morning to see this:

I’m down 26 pounds since the beginning of the year. That is AWESOME! I’m feeling better, I’m looking better, and my long-term goal of getting down to 200 pounds does not seem like such an impossible task anymore.

I’m a happy guy these days with a lot of change going on. But this change? This is a change that I can embrace with open arms.


4 thoughts on “26 pounds!

  1. YOU are kicking ass and taking names just like Sunshine is!! You look great, from the pics I have seen, happier and more confident. Awesome awesome work!!!

  2. SO awesome!! Congrats on the weight loss, but more importantly, on the confidence boosting going on up in here. I LOVE that sunshine is helping you and inspiring you, she’s really awesome, isn’t she? 😉

  3. Congratulations!!! And, guess what? Now YOU are the one inspiring! Thanks for posting your progress!

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