The World’s A Funny Place

It doesn’t take long to rebound from a bad day, especially if you have the world at your fingertips.

My son was a bit under the weather yesterday and so we spent the afternoon together. As he played some video games, I scanned the internet to see what was new in the world. What I stumbled upon brought quite the smile to my face…

1. Grandmas watch Kim Kardashian’s sex video. I’ve never been shy or quiet in my absolute disdain for all things Kardashian (and I’m certainly not alone). Why she and her equally untalented sisters are so bloody popular is a mystery to me. If Kim didn’t bang Ray J in that sex tape a few years ago, NOBODY would know who they were…nor would they care. She, along with the likes of Paris Hilton and ANY of the “Housewives of Wherever”, are talentless bimbos who are simply famous for being famous…some weird new trend that I hope ends soon.

Anyway…I stumbled upon this hilarious video of some ladies watching Kim’s sex video. Their reactions are priceless and totally helped to make my day.

Sigh. This guy pretty much said it all…

2. Cheerleaders in airports. Have you ever been in an airport waiting…and waiting…and waiting…and thought to yourself:

“Self…I wish there were some cheerleaders here to keep me entertained while I wait for my flight.”

Wait no more, kids! Who invented this amazing new innovative entertainment idea that’s bound to sweep the world? Well who else? Those wacky Chinese!

So the next time you’re stuck in Dalian International Airport due to fog, make sure you check out the local cheerleaders to help pass the time along. Sure…why the heck not?

3. Worst street performer ever. Listen, I totally realize that I’m not the most talented person in the world. I can carry a tune and perhaps I could act silly enough to entertain somebody for a minute…but that would pretty much end my attempts at being a street performer.

This guy is…well…he’s a bit different. And by different, I mean he totally sucks. I’m not sure who told him to never give up on his dreams, but on the off chance that nobody did then hopefully this video will help him change his mind.

Dude…my man…fella…NEVER do this again. EVER.

4. Woman with “GOD” tattooed on her forehead arrested. Y’know, I don’t even care what she was arrested for. The simple fact that she thought this tattoo was a good idea in any way, shape, or form is just mind-boggling to me. I’m certainly not going to trash her religious beliefs, but I’m totally going to trash her ability to make smart decisions with her life. What in the bloody hell…

5. Octomom is going to do porn now. Well duh…what else is she gonna do to make enough money to take care of her fourteen children?? Seriously…she could have made any number of other choices with her life and could take are of the kids better than what she’s doing now. She’s just so weird…and creepy…and stupid. And now her “I’ll never do porn” comment is coming to bite her in the ass because she has filed for bankruptcy and has no other choices for income (apparently).

I’m sorry…I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Good for you, Octomom. You make single parents everywhere noxious. Those poor kids.

6. Meet BRAD. This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen so far this year. This dude at Berkeley College wanted to pimp out his dorm room and make it uber-automated. Well, mission accomplished.  This is the Berkeley Ridiculously Automated Dorm (B.R.A.D.) and I dare you to think back to your university days and wish this room couldn’t have been yours…

7. Too much time or too cool art? Finally, this video really grabbed my attention. It’s one of those videos that you can’t really describe…you just have to see for yourself. It’s worth watching if for no other reason than to see the result of over 200 takes to get it right. Intrigued? Good…check this out.

If you want to know how they made this video, just go here. VERY cool.


7 thoughts on “The World’s A Funny Place

  1. I was JUST going to say that about Octomom…and uh, if she has bushy eyebrows… #yesiwentthere. *shudder*

    Glad you are feeling better today!!

  2. Dude. That first video had me laughing out loud. “His nose is in her cly- torus.” Hahahaha!

    I want my house pimped out like his dorm room! How cool is that?

    And that last video? Whoa.

    Octomom… no comment. Because ew.

  3. Loved the granny video!! Ha!!! Poor Octomom. I saw her on GMA the other day, WOW!! Hot mess is what she is.

    Glad you are having a better day

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