The Blogger Summit…Maine Style

Awhile back, I created a Blogger Bingo card to kind of show which bloggers I’d like to meet in real life (the card has changed since I originally posted it, but it’s interesting to look back and see what I said at the time). It was an idea originally shown to me by Depot Dad (RIP, my friend) and it’s one that I still think is a fun meme to follow…especially where there are definitely bloggers out there that I would love to meet in real life.

Well…cross two more bloggers off the list, kids!!

I’m not sure exactly how it all came about, but in June both Sunshine and myself will be driving 10+ hours to Maine to meet Jobo from Determined. To Be… and her man, M. Not to be outdone, T from Life as a Classroom will be flying up from Texas with Gentleman Jack!

Yes…a blogger summit in Maine to put all others to shame!

I think I started reading Jobo’s blog after she and Sunshine became friends. Don’t ask me how long I’ve been reading because I couldn’t tell you, but it’s been about a year or so. She’s a great spirit and is graciously hosting this summit. I’m looking forward to testing some of her giant wine collection (even though I’m not a wine drinker, I may see how things go…NO promises!).

Now T is someone I’ve been “blog friends” with for a few years now. I think I discovered her blog from SingleMomSeeking, if I recall correctly. About three years ago, I split with Sunshine briefly (for about two months before realizing what I had right in front of me). T was there as a friend and an ear to my problems during that time. She really helped me get through a rough patch and help me see things a lot clearer. I’m very much looking forward to meeting her and her man, who shares a lot of similarity with me in a lot of ways (except physically, cause dude is JACKED). Both Sunshine and I are extremely happy to know that they are flying up to hang with us crazy Canucks and some Maine folk for a couple of days.

So the countdown is on and the excitement is building (though I need to come up with a catchy title for this meeting). I better start making that 80’s party mix!


9 thoughts on “The Blogger Summit…Maine Style

  1. Woohoo!! I am so flippin excited, it’s not even funny 😉 And you are too kind, CBG, thank you for your words!! I love you guys, you are awesome and I can’t wait to meet you OR T and GJ!! (he IS jacked though, LOL! I agree!). As for wine, trust me, you will leave Maine a wine drinker. Then Sunshine is in trouble. Because I think you two will be drinking plenty of wine and prosecco after all is said and done 😉 woohoo!! I am so touched that you guys are coming all the way from Canada and T and GJ from halfway across the country!!!

    1. I’m very much looking forward to the details emerging of this weekend. I don’t know just how much wine I’ll be drinking, but I’m already planning on some seafood being eaten.

      We can’t wait to come down and visit. This is gonna be a great time.

  2. YAAAAAYYYYY!!!! I’m so excited! And GJ will love to hear that he’s referred to as “jacked”. (Love the pun too! 😉 )

    Looking forward to hanging out with you all. I get to mark 3 bloggers off of my list of peeps to meet! Can’t wait! Counting down!

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