Fun Music Friday

I’m needing a boost today. I need some music to lift my spirits up. Let’s see what I can find…

Ahhh…nothing brings a smile to my face faster than a cover tune by my favorite Canadian band, Walk Off The Earth. This one-take video is awesome.

I never wanted to like this song. I certainly never wanted to love it. But somehow, this little ditty about plastic drinking cups has turned me into one of the sheep. Oh well…I’ll just have to sing along, I guess.

This was a highlight of last weekend’s Bryan Adams concert for me. The crowd had been enjoying his show up until this song, but then for some reason he got everybody up for this one. Imagine this…almost ten thousand people all jumping up and down at the same time (not just dancing, but jumping) and clapping their hands in unison. I was blown away and every time I hear this song now, a smile comes to my face remembering that moment.

It’s Eddy Grant, people! Is that not enough for you?  How about Eddy Grant LIVE playing on some weird French television show with male dancers and people all dressed up?  Yeah…that’s fun for today.

And finally, you simply can’t go wrong with this classic from The Boss…

There…I’m feeling better already. Have a great weekend, everybody!


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