Vacation Videos: Know Us…Love Us!

After posting a couple of videos from this past week, I received some comments about how both Sunshine and I seem to let our personalities come out a bit and that it’s nice to see, considering that we’re always “out there” in photographs but never really in videos. And for all of our online blog/Twitter friends, they now feel just a bit closer to us.

So I figured that I’d post a few videos today. None of them are really particularly interesting and there really aren’t very many of them, but they all tell a story…at least to Sunshine and I.

Let’s start off with something simple, though the only person acting “simple” is me. Y’see, this was taken just minutes before the start of the first “game show” on the first night of the cruise. For those keeping score, this was where I won Ship-On-A-Stick number one…

So the premise is simple: music was playing in the background and both Sunshine and I were overly excited to be on a cruise to the Caribbean. I started acting a fool and Sunshine, ever encouraging me to act silly as much as possible, decided it would look great as a video…

Soon after proposing, an inside joke became the fact that we still couldn’t really believe that we were engaged. Honestly? It’s almost a month since I popped the question and I still can’t believe that it actually happened (but in a TOTALLY good way!!). Sometimes one of us would casually mention the fact that we were now “to be married” by saying as a way to bring a smile to the other person’s face. I happened to do this to Sunshine in a way that she found amusing, thus she wanted me to do it again for the camera. I honestly don’t think this is funny to anybody else but us, but what the heck…


Every evening when Sunshine and I would get ready, she’s put hairspray into her hair. No big deal, right? Well, every time she did she’d do the same thing when she finished, which you’ll see in the video. I told her that I’d eventually get it on video, and the final night of the cruise I did. Oh, and for those curious, this guy is David Suzuki


On one of the last nights of the cruise we were up on the Serenity Deck, which is an adults-only section of the ship. It was a calm night, the stars were out, and we seemed to be the only two enjoying the “serenity” of the area (it was around 10:15pm). We just wanted to document how awesome it was to be together in that particular moment…


Of course, it was so calm and beautiful and relaxing on this particular evening, I ended up falling asleep. Honestly, I could have slept the entire night up there. Sunshine, however, thought it would be funny to video me sleeping (i.e. snoring). You’ll notice that she starts off the video by being as quiet as possible so to not wake me up. Then she wakes me gently, I notice the camera, and then continue to fall back asleep. This was, quite frankly, one of my favorite moments on the cruise: just her and I under the stars. And I apologize in advance for the darkness of the video as we certainly don’t have any HD equipment (although we’ll take donations…lol)…


There was another moment, while in Mahogany Bay, where we took a video to simply document how incredibly happy and blessed we felt. We were sitting in a swing facing the Carnival Legend after spending some amazing time on the beach when I decided to whip out the video camera. You’ll notice at the end of the video, somebody recognizes us as the couple that got engaged on the ship (although they thought we were newlyweds…lol) and offer to take our picture. This is the picture they took:

And this is the video the preceded it…

Now comes the majority of our videos in the form of one inside joke.  It started after Sunshine watched an episode of “Live with Kelly” and Martin Short was on as a guest host. He was talking about how he had this “game” that he and his “actor friends” liked to play sometimes: how convincing they could be while saying a particular line. The line in question?

“That’s a good cup of coffee.”

Of course, just saying it to each other wasn’t enough.  No, we needed to document us saying it on video. Repeatedly. This makes Sunshine and I laugh, so these are posted solely for our enjoyment (i.e. don’t say that I didn’t warn you…lol):

Taken on Lido Deck after grabbing a bite to eat:


In Billie’s Piano Bar while enjoying a most delicious milkshake:


All alone near the Atlantis Lounge while Sunshine is off “freshening up”:


On Lido Deck…again:


Sunshine deciding to FINALLY get in on the action:

And that’s about it, kids. Hope you at least got SOME enjoyment out of them. I’ll be back tomorrow to recap our final day at sea…


20 thoughts on “Vacation Videos: Know Us…Love Us!

  1. Oh my God! I LOVED these!! Watched each one and giggled!! You guys are TOO cute! I seriously think we would have so much fun hanging out, whenever we make that happen, that is 😉 You two are so perfectly made for each other (LOL on the hairspray, that was awesome, so true!).

    1. Sunshine and I are going to sit down (maybe this weekend) and really try to figure out when we can come down for a visit. We’re both very much looking forward to meeting in person hanging out for a weekend (it’d be better if we could convince T to come up at the same time…lol).

      And yes, we ARE perfectly made for each other. Glad it came through in the videos.


      1. I love that y’all took the bull by the balls and emailed me with some peer pressure.

        What? Isn’t that the expression? 😉

  2. For the record, I totally giggled at each of these too. And I too wondered why CBG was the star in every video!

    I can’t stand hair spray for the same reason as Sunshine displayed. Just ew. But it does work so there’s that.

    Looking forward to lots more laughing with you guys!

    1. I can’t help it if I’m a natural movie star.

      It’s a curse, really.

      But you notice that Sunshine is saying “action” at the beginning of some of those videos? Yeah…it’s because she MADE ME DO IT.


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