Vacation Day Five: Cozumel, Mexico

Sunshine and I knew coming into Cozumel exactly what we were going to do: shop. We had excursions planned for the next two ports and we weren’t really overly excited to leave the terminal area (I realize this part of Mexico isn’t considered dangerous, but it was still in the back of our minds so we didn’t want to take any chances).

Once again we were up at the ass-crack of dawn so we could go to the gym for 6am. And once again, we were able to work out and have breakfast before the sun came up.  On this morning, the sun was rising behind the ship as it made its way into Mexico…so that meant we were able to go to the back of the ship in the Serenity area to enjoy the beauty of it all.

Another amazing sunrise over the ocean
The sun rising over the trail left by the Carnival Legend.
Ready for the day!

We got showered, changed, and ready to hit the port of Cozumel, Mexico. Cozumel is an island just off the eastern coast of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula that has a population of about 71,400. It’s a location primarily known for some amazing snorkeling and scuba diving, but it’s also known as a great place for souvenir shopping. Because of this, we decided before the cruise that this was going to be where we did the majority of our shopping. With excursions planned the next two ports and available funds being scarce, we thought this might be the best idea. Thankfully, we were right.

We stopped at the port of Puerto Maya, which is an affiliate of Carnival (one or two Carnival cruise ships dock here six days out of every week) so we knew we were safe and the port would be well maintained. One of the fun things about this port (similar to the day before in Grand Cayman) was that there were a ton of great photo opportunities to be had.

Case in point: the “human statues”. As we were walking through the initial shopping area, we saw a gold statue right in the middle of the room. The statue really had some incredible detail and people were looking closely at it as they passed by. Just as one person went to place a finger on the statue, it suddenly sprang to life and said, “Don’t touch me!”

We were shocked. This guy had held still for a LONG time before finally moving. This was a job held by a few different people within the port area and they apparently worked for tips. Of course we had to take advantage of the photo op…

Sunshine with the "Gold Human Statue" in Cozumel. With his head pointed down, the hat covered his eyes so it was extremely difficult to tell that it wasn't a real statue.

Once inside the actual port, the cheesy photo ops were plentiful. And by now you should realize that Sunshine and I are all about taking full advantage of cheesy photo ops!!

It was really more about his breath than his teeth...
Ummm...giddy up?
For a change of pace, it's CBG in front of a fountain!
Rawr, baby!!

Of course, we also had to pick up some souvenirs for ourselves and the kids. With $1 maracas and trinkets, we found some great deals right off the bat. We then had to search store-to-store to find some t-shirt deals, but we ended up buying quite a bit of stuff (at least for us).

CRUISE TIP: Out of any port we have visited in the past two years, Cozumel had the most aggressive vendors. They’re not rude, but they’re constantly talking and trying to get you into their stores. Be wary, but don’t be afraid. Just smile and decline and they’ll talk a bit more before moving on to the next person. It can be a bit disconcerting if you’ve never experienced it before.

We thought about maybe getting a taxi to a more “downtown” area of Cozumel, but once we reached outside entrance to the port we figured we would simply continue to enjoy the shopping found right there. Plus there were more photo ops to be had…

Obligatory "Sunshine in front of a fountain" pic.
Can you even try to wipe the smiles off of our faces? We're a newly engaged couple enjoying the sun in Cozumel, Mexico. How awesome is that??
Another couple offered to take our picture if we took theirs. Of course we took advantage of such a nice offer. Gotta love fellow cruisers!

At this point we got to see a real, authentic mariachi band. Some people may take this for granted, but I found this to be a pretty cool thing to experience. These guys were the real deal.

So back inside we went, as there were definitely more stores to enjoy and more shopping to do. And with that, as you’d expect, were more photo ops…

Sunshine with another "human statue". Kudos to these guys for standing outside in the heat for so long just to get a few American dollars in tips.
Even with the threat of death, I was still impressed at this guy's teeth. Daaaaaamn!!
So Sunshine climbed up this replica Mayan ruin in order for me to get a couple of photo ops. As she stood there posing, the wind whipped up pretty good. By the time I took about four pics, her pants were soaking wet as the wind blew water all over her. As she got down a man watching told her that it was like I had planned the whole thing. Heh...
Puerto Maya really was a beautiful terminal to visit. Highly recommended.
I'm not a drinker, but I'm pretty sure this is a GREAT deal!!

That was pretty much our day in a nutshell. We took a LOT more pictures from our time here and I could easily post another dozen, but I’ll spare the bandwidth for now. After we got back on board, we decided to have a relaxing night. We didn’t do a whole lot after supper except check out the “Love and Marriage” show, which was like a Newlywed Game with three different couples (longest married, newest married, another couple in between).

Cozumel was definitely a great spot for us to visit.

Tomorrow’s post…cave-tubing in the jungles of Belize!!!


8 thoughts on “Vacation Day Five: Cozumel, Mexico

  1. Of the MANY times I’ve been to Mexico, I’ve yet to make it to Cozumel. Been at the port in Playa ready to get on the boat but never been there. Looks like fun. Love the human statues. They have those in New Orleans too!

    1. The human statues were a riot. Really well done.

      And if we find ourselves in Cozumel again someday, I think we’ll try to venture outside of the port area. We’re rebels like that. Heh.

  2. I was there last November, and unless things have changed drastically since then, the Yucatan Peninsula was doing a really good job of keeping the problems that plague other areas in Mexico out of their area. Tourism is the mainstay of their economy so they don’t want to jeopardize it. We went to the mainland and saw the very awesome Mayan ruins at Tulum and did not see any sign of trouble.

    1. We REALLY wanted to go on an excursion to the ruins, but finances just didn’t allow us that luxury.

      And I’ve heard that Cozumel is a very nice place for tourists…it’s just that we didn’t feel 100% comfortable leaving the terminal shopping area. That’s totally more on us than on anything else.

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