Vacation Day Four: Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

To say that we were riding high after the previous night’s events would be an understatement.

As such, we had requested a 5:45am wake-up call so we could hit the gym for 6am. As you could imagine, we still had a lot of anxious energy to burn off and didn’t want to waste a second of the vacation we were experiencing.

Once there, we figured the amazing treadmills on board the Carnival Legend were the perfect way to take care of that.

This pic was taken during the day. We were there so early that the curtains were still down and the sun had yet to rise.

Once we were done, I was really pumped up. And, of course, because of the little race I’m running in July I felt as though I just had to take a picture to show off a bit on Facebook upon my return back home. Y’know…just to let him know that my vacation didn’t mean I was taking it easy.

Oh that's right, kids. Vacation DOESN'T equal slacking off!!

After our workout we went on with our daily routine of having breakfast before the sun came up. Thankfully, we were able to enjoy a beautiful sunrise over our first port of call, Grand Cayman. Once we took a couple of pictures, we went to our room in order to get ready for the day. The weather was expected to be gorgeous and we wanted to be able to take full advantage of it.

The beautiful sunrise over George Town in Grand Cayman.

The tentative plan was to walk around and shop a bit, then walk a couple of miles to Seven Mile Beach…all the while enjoying the weather and getting exercise at the same time. Well, things didn’t quite work out that way.

Where Grand Cayman doesn’t have deep enough water to handle cruise ships close to shore, we had to wait for tenders to come out and pick passengers up and ferry them back and forth to land. Where Sunshine and I weren’t in any hurry, we took our time heading on down to the tender (probably arriving at about 9:15ish) and found not only was there no line-up, but we got right on and left only minutes after sitting down.

QUICK CRUISING TIP: If you’re booked on an excursion at a port where the ship has to use a tender, either through Carnival or through a private operator, you really want to try to get down to get on one early enough so that you don’t miss out on anything. Where we had nothing scheduled at this port, everything ended up timed perfectly.

It’s really amazing to see these cruise ships up close and from the outside. As we made our way around the Legend, we noticed two other ships were on either side of us…the Norwegian Sun and the Disney Magic. As the day wore on, three more cruise ships would make their way into the harbour area. Once we arrived at the docks, I took a few pics as we were looking back.

03-20-12: The Carnival Legend from the main port of Grand Cayman.

One of the things I love about cruising is that most everybody on board is as friendly as you are. As such, whenever people saw us taking a picture of ourselves they would come and offer to take one for us. Because of this we ended up with some nice pics over the course of our trip that we probably wouldn’t have gotten otherwise…

Umm..really? I chose THOSE shorts with that t-shirt??

As a couple of people who really don’t get the opportunity to go out and explore the world as much as we’d love to, we thought we’d spend some time checking out the local wares that were located around the grounds of the port itself. We realized that we probably wouldn’t find the best deals in the world, but we just wanted to experience as much as we could.

Honestly...we could probably pass for brothers, right?

Hey...what's he lookin' at??

What's up with the fellow baldies in the Caribbean?
No...I'm not sure what she's doing either. Go THAT way?

We spent awhile walking around the shops at the port before branching off into the streets of George Town, the capital city of Grand Cayman. Honestly, I’m not sure what we were expecting to find…we just figured that with multiple cruise ships unloading thousands of passengers on a daily basis that there just HAD to be some good shopping to be found SOMEWHERE.

Well…we stumbled upon an interesting souvenir shop that not only had more photo ops available, but had one of the most unusually-named products either one of us had ever seen.

Sunshine + Margaritaville parrot = great photo op!!
Ummm...yeah. This is Big Black Dick. But wait...there's more...

So yeah…directly above is me with Big Black Dick.  It’s not a joke, it’s actually a LINE of products found in the Cayman Islands through Blackbeard’s.

According to the website, “Richard Le Noir is a local legend, better known as Big Black Dick. His name lives on today through our range of Big Black Dick rums, liqueurs, sauces, seasonings and other mouth-watering delights that are exclusive to BlackBeard’s and the Cayman Islands.”

We found some of his other products inside the souvenir shop. One, in particular, resulted in the ONLY regret I had out of the entire trip. I mean…I can’t believe I didn’t buy some of this stuff, and I kick myself to this very day for not getting it. 

Oh…what is it? Well…

It's so good you'll do WHAT??

So yes…let’s read the slogan at the bottom of that bottle for a second. This is BIG BLACK DICK hot sauce.  Just how good is it? So good, apparently, that “YOU’LL SUCK THE MEAT OFF THE BONE”.

How many times in my life will I ever again be able to have regret at NOT having some big black dick?

Of course, there were some other fun things to be found within the store…

We didn't see ANY mosquitoes during our trip to Grand Cayman. If it's their official bird, they need to make their way up to Canada to see what mosquitoes are REALLY like.
This t-shirt makes me think of a fellow blogger. They know who they are.
I just couldn't help needed to be done!
Some fun fridge magnets that we didn't buy. I like the upper left, Sunshine was partial to the upper and lower right.

At this point we were getting a bit restless. We knew that the beach was a $5 cab ride away, but we wanted to do more than that. We could see hoards of people getting off of the ships and jumping into cabs, and we thought that’s what we wanted to do, too.

So after looking around, we blended in with some good folks from another cruise ship and for $20 each, decided to take a tour of the island before heading back to the ship.

We’re so glad that we did, but that’ll be covered in tomorrow’s post…

Downtown George Town in Grand Cayman

8 thoughts on “Vacation Day Four: Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

  1. LOL Big Black Dick! That is freaking hysterical. That takes the cake for best TWSS moment. I mean, it defines the term, doesn’t it? And what’s wrong with your shorts/t-shirt combo? I think it looks fine. I really wish I was in a tropical locale right about now! Looks awesome!

  2. I definitely need some Big Black Dick.


    Sounds like I need to make a trip to Grand Cayman….

    I wanna see BEACH!!!

    1. T…some people pay money to hear a woman say those words.


      Grand Cayman’s beach pics (at least the few that we took) are coming tomorrow but are NOTHING compared to the pics we got in Honduras. But that’s another post for another day.

  3. If you book a shore excursion through the ship at a tendered port, you meet in a different lounge than people going off on their own. Your ticket will say when and where to meet, and they load people on tenders according to their excursion times. If you go off on your own and get to the waiting lounge early then you get tender stickers with a number on them and they load people according to their sticker number. If you’ve booked an excursion through someone other than the ship, get to the tender waiting lounge plenty early. Just thought I’d add that to your tender tips.

    Can’t wait to see your post about the taxi tour around Grand Cayman because I plan to do that next time.

    1. On the Legend, everybody met in the Follies theatre. The Carnival excursion folks were situated on one side of the room and those who were going at it alone were placed on another side of the room.

      Having said that, it’s probably different with a larger ship with more passengers so your notes are definitely appreciated.

      While we didn’t need to get down to a tender in Grand Cayman, we were first in line in Belize…so I’ll go into details when I talk about that particular port.

  4. Love all the great photos!!! It seems a lot of places claim the mosquito as their official bird. I’ve heard that said of E.D. as well.

    You know, it’s funny you should mention Hell. I did get a postcard from Hell just yesterday! hehe When I reached into the mailbox to get it I think it sizzled. 😉

    1. Having been to E.D. for a visit, I can say that the mosquito might as well be the official bird cause there’s not much else there.


      Sunshine and I were quite surprised at (1) the low cost of sending a postcard from Hell, and (2) how quickly it got to its destination.

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