Vacation Day Three: Carnival Legend’s First Day At Sea

Wow…where do I begin to describe this day? I mean, it really started off with this post…but the actual proposal didn’t come until that evening (and the post describing the details won’t happen until tomorrow…heh).

So I suppose things started off by us getting a 5:45am wake-up call so we could hit the gym.


This actually happened multiple mornings during our vacation. Honestly. I even have photographic evidence…

I was slightly excited to get to the gym so early.

I’m on a new healthy lifestyle kick and Sunshine is right there along with me for the ride. While watching TV on my treadmill, the curtains at the front of the ship raised automatically at around 6:15am. Unfortunately it was still dark outside so I just kept on watching TV on my treadmill.

I know it’s a bit lame, but I think that’s just a really cool thing to experience.

After a quick breakfast we head up to the Sun Deck to watch the sunrise. I gotta be honest, things weren’t looking that great initially because of the clouds in the background. Sunshine told me to wait for it because it was going to be awesome once the sun reached a certain point in the sky. And man was she right…

This has to be one of the most spectacular sunrises I've ever seen.

We head back to our room to shower and get ready for the day. At this point we realized that The Morning Show was on. Each ship has in-house television channels that promote everything Carnival, from excursions to shows to embarkation information. Three times during this week-long cruise, the cruise director (Kirk Benning, who was AWESOME all week long) would have a guest and do a live call-in show from a room on the ship. This particular show would be co-hosted by the assistant cruise director Jaime, who would be leaving in a few days to graduate to cruise director of her very own Carnival ship (she hosted the game show I had been on the night before).

What we did is highlighted in red.

ANYWAY…I ended up calling in and instantly became a hit (of course I did). Next thing we know we were told that something would be sent to our room that night. SWEET!! We both were hoping for another ship-on-a-stick, though I was secretly hoping for a bottle of champagne so we could celebrate my impending proposal later in the evening.

Once the show ended we took off for Kirk’s “Fun Ashore & Fun Abroad Presentation” in the Follies theatre. This was basically an overview of the best excursions to enjoy at each port,which was pretty interesting to watch even if we did have private excursions booked for later in the week.

After a quick lunch we decided to check out the “Digital Camera Scavenger Hunt”. Basically, it was a number of teams who had only 20 minutes to complete a number of tasks, all of which had to be recorded with either a photo or a video. We were game even though there were only two of us vs teams of four or more.  Here’s the list of things we were required to do…

Trust me...this was a LOT harder than it looks on paper.

So…how did we do?

Picture with Wilt Chamberlain — I knew we were right next to the sports bar, so it only made sense that a picture of Chamberlain would be in there. Thankfully, I was right.

Two members singing a Justin Bieber song — Now while my son may enjoy the croonings of the pop icon, Sunshine’s disdain for the Bieb’s music made this one difficult. I gave her a REALLY quick rundown of two lines of the chorus of the only song I could remember and proceeded to capture it on video. You could tell she was just over-joyed to do this one…

Two members slow dancing to music in lobby — This was one that wasn’t a problem to do, just a problem to record. We asked a stranger to video us. Keep in mind we were on a time crunch here…


Carnival Twister Waterslide — At this point I told Sunshine that we wouldn’t have time to do everything on the list and we should either skip this one or fake it. Sunshine said “HELL NO…I’M DOING IT!!”  Well…without a bathing suit on (that’s right…just wearing her clothes) she made her way to the top of the waterslide at the back of the ship. At this point it was so sunny outside that while I thought I was taking a video, I really wasn’t. So unfortunately we didn’t get the awesome video of her making her way down in her clothes, but I did get a pic of her at the very top getting ready to slide away… can't see her way up there??
There she is...just about to slide down fully clothed. That's my girl!!

Take a picture of a team member sinking a hole-in-one — Because this was “picture” and not “video”, we could TOTALLY fake this one (lol). We made our way to the opposite end of the ship and assaulted two young males playing mini golf. Sunshine, totally in “beast mode” at this point, faked celebrating a hole-in-one. Gotta love it.

Looks realistic enough, doesn't it?

Picture on the basketball court — Thankfully, the b-ball court was right next to the mini-golf course.

Who loves you, baby??

Lido Deck picture — Because it was a gorgeous day at sea, every single chair on Lido Deck was taken by a fellow cruiser. So we quickly sat on a chair when a lady stood up, tried to explain to her why we were stealing her seat, snapped a quick pic, and off we went back down to the start/finish line.

Sorry we stole your chair...not!

The last picture we took was at the start/finish line

With Sunshine still soaked from the waterslide and me winded from all the running, we tried to make the pic a good one. #mixedresults

Here’s the kicker…

Not only did another team end up getting all nine tasks completed in under 20 minutes (we didn’t get people skipping on Deck 3 because hardly anybody was around), but we were THREE MINUTES LATE…the contest was over and they had already moved on to another game with new guests.


Still…Sunshine was a beast doing this and I was actually quite proud of the effort she put in. I think we both had a blast doing it and in the end that’s all that matters anyway.

We then made our way to Lido Deck to check out the “Hairy Chest Competition”. Once I told Sunshine that I wasn’t going to participate (she thinks I could have easily won), she said that if asked she’d definitely be a judge.  Well…not two minutes later the Entertainment Director, Dan, came over and asked if she was interested in judging. You couldn’t have held her back if you tried.

Of course, she didn’t realize that judging the contest meant actually touching strange (OLD) men’s chests…'re smiling now. Heh...
The smile is now 100% fake and she's officially creeped out. TRUST me.

Once the final judging took place and the winners were crowned, Sunshine was given a ship-on-a-stick of her very own as a congrats for doing a great job as a judge.

Guess who won her very own Ship-On-A-Stick???

At this point in the day, we got some clues for a week-long “Murder Mystery” (something we totally lost tabs on after the first night) and then head back to our room so we had plenty of time to get ready for the evening.

Of course, at this point I’m beginning to get REALLY nervous because I knew I was going to propose.

But THAT story, my friends, will have to come tomorrow!!


11 thoughts on “Vacation Day Three: Carnival Legend’s First Day At Sea

    1. I believe YOUR suitcase was too full so I had to put them in mine. Then when you had the chance to take some out last Sunday night, you left them all with me.

      Would you like me to bring three back with me tomorrow night?

  1. LOL! I LOVE the videos, especially of Beebs…that is a riot. You guys are too cute. But I can’t believe you were 3 mins late and they already moved to a new game! WTF! The hairy chest competition? Ew, but I so would have been a judge, even if skeevy. Ship on a stick? how did this entire post get written without a ‘that’s what she said!?” Come on CBG, get your head in the game! (uhh…twss!) 😉

    1. Well…the other teams had arrived earlier and there was already a winner, so they just moved on with another game.

      And you call your va-jay-jay “the game”? That’s interesting.


  2. Love this! That looks like such a blast. See? I’d totally play along. I’m not sure GJ would do it unless I was there with him. Together, we’re pretty goofy. 🙂

    Can’t wait til tomorrow’s post!!!

    1. The above comment doesn’t make sense because it’s not a real comment, It’s a pingback wordpress posted because I put a link to this blog in mine. Feel free to click the link up there and read it in context where it makes sense.

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