She Said “YES”!!

Listen…I’ve got a ton of stories to tell and a ton of photos to upload, but Sunshine and I just got back late last night and I’m off to work first thing this morning, so the stories and pics will have to wait until the next few days (or longer, as I expect there will be a lot of blog posts about the vacation over the coming weeks).

So until at least tomorrow, all you’re going to get is a taste.

But really, the only picture that you all want to see is this one…








8 thoughts on “She Said “YES”!!

  1. Oh my God, that is the most beautiful picture of love I have ever seen! (hi, I follow your soon-to-be-wife’s blog and am sisters with Jobo,if you’re wondering)


  2. I’m so happy for you two! Makes me believe in LD relationships and true love! Congrats to you both. Cannot wait to read the whole story and see more pictures. You are so awesome as a couple!

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