Fun Music Fridays

I don’t know about you, but when I get off work on a Friday I just can’t wait to jump in the car and crank up some music.

Whether I’m off to pick up The Ankle-Biter or if I’m off to spend the weekend with Sunshine (as is the case today), music can totally set me free and get me ready for whatever lay ahead after a long work week.

So to get me geared-up for another weekend, I’ve found some music to get me into the spirit:

One of my favorite new bands is Walk Off The Earth. Most people have heard of them because of their amazing one-guitar version of “Somebody I Used To Know” that they recently performed on Ellen, but I’ve been a fan for about a year now. The thing I love most about them is their cover songs and how they can spin a song on its ear and make it their own. I could probably post five or six songs and just have a “Walk Off The Earth Music Friday”, but instead I’ll only show you one. Trust me, though…they’re definitely worth checking out:

I’ve always been a fan of the Foo Fighters. In fact (and I know I may be in the minority here), I actually prefer them to anything Dave Grohl may have done with Nirvana. This song inspires me…it motivates me…it speaks to me.  Yes…I WILL walk again. I WILL break down whatever barrier stands in my way.  I’m worth that much.

I’ve always enjoyed Train, while never a huge fan or anything.  And while I think the dude wears pants that are WAAAAY too tight for him, Pat Monohan’s voice is simply incredible. This song is great in it’s cheesy goodness. I mean, the lyrics are REALLY cheesy…and sometimes that’s all I want to hear.

One of my favorite all-time bands is Van Halen. And I’m one of those fans who actually loved the Roth AND the Hagar years, so I’m not one to “choose sides”. I’m glad that the boys and Diamond Dave are back together, though, and the new single from their upcoming album is fantastic. The more I listen to it, the more I love it.  Can’t say that about the video, though. This thing looks like they shot it a few months after recording the song and completely forgot most of the lyrics  and simply didn’t care. Whatever…just close your eyes and turn up the song that has introduced the phrase “mouse-wife to mom-shell” to the English language:

Finally, how about a bit of Kelly Clarkson? Even though she performed at the Grammys with one of the most unfortunate haircuts I’ve ever seen, her music is still amazing and I’ve been a fan since the first season of American Idol.


That’s it from me. Hope you all have a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “Fun Music Fridays

  1. 1. Good luck on the race, it’s kinda awesome!

    2. Also a huge fan of Walk Off the Earth. I got into them with a song called Joan and Bobby about a year ago too. Fantastic sound. I am a fan of her (Sarah Blackwood) stuff too, the solo stuff (search for her on YouTube if you haven’t already, she has some GREAT stuff alone) and the stuff she did with Creepshow (like a psychobily type sound) – check this out –

    3. Foo Fighters, and maybe even that particular song, are an important part to the soundtrack to my winter. I am definetly learning to walk again.

    4. Have a good week!

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