Wednesday Weirdness

The internet is a strange thing. Just when I’m wondering just what to write about, I happen to stumble upon some weird stuff that’s going on in this world of ours.

For example, let’s say you were looking for a job. Let’s then say that you were out walking the beat going door to door looking for work from anybody who might be hiring. Then you realize that you’re getting turned down very quickly. You can’t figure out why. And then the police are called.


That’s what happens when you try to find work while being stark naked.  Yeah…seriously.

Then while just randomly going from website to website, you stumble upon a picture that not only makes you chuckle but also gives you pause…

Have you ever visited Hawaii? Have you ever dreamed of vacationing there? Maybe even having a small home within walking distance from a beach?  What if you made $20,000/year and didn’t want a mortgage…do you think you’d be able to fulfill any of those dreams?

Johnny Sanphillippo is a man who is living that dream, having spent 13 years building a dream vacation house on Hawaii while working as a housekeeper. How did he do it? Watch this video. Just wait until half-way through and you see just how perfectly awesome his small home now looks…you’ll wonder why more people don’t do things like this:

I didn’t watch the Oscars, but I’ve only heard about one thing since last Sunday night: Angelina Jolie. Primarily her rail-thin arms and how she’s gone from being uber-hot (OMG…Lara Croft, people!!) to being Skeletor-esque.

The other item that went from hot-button topic to internet meme was her leg. Her right leg, in fact. She had a beautiful dress that had a long slit up her right leg and she wanted to show her leg off a bit. The problem was that the dress wasn’t a mini-skirt or anything, so she had to stick her leg out a bit in order for people to see it.

Like this…

And then later on stage like this…

Well, in a day and age where planking is apparently popular, people have gone ahead and taken the idea of “Jolie’ing” and have run with it. Most of the photos on Angelina Jolie’ing contain people of all shapes and sizes exposing their right leg for the world to see and (presumably) smile in amusement.

I, for one, thing they all look ridiculous. However, there are a few photoshops floating around out there that have made me chuckle:

The internet is a weird place, indeed.


3 thoughts on “Wednesday Weirdness

  1. And somewhere a fashion designer is laughing all the way to the bank from all the publicity. Now slits will be all the rage. Halloween will give lots of Brangelina costumes, haha. The nude job-seeker is a new one to me. Slow news week, I guess. Funny post.

  2. The really sad part about Angelina looking rail thin is that the camera ADDS 10 lbs!!! Maybe her kids are getting all her food. I know I feel that way sometimes…

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