Photographs and Memories

I spent the majority of yesterday going through hundreds and hundreds of photographs that my family had collected over the years. Album after album…photo after photo. I picked out the best photos and scanned them onto my computer; the idea being that I would burn them to disc and give copies to the family so that there wouldn’t be multiple boxes of photographs collecting dust in a basement somewhere.

Overall, it was a good day. I had been building up to yesterday and preparing myself for the worst. Thankfully, the day ended up being a lot more pleasant than I had anticipated. I smile numerous times as I recalled fond memories from the multiple photos.

I stumbled across a few pictures that I thought I’d share.

One of the coolest photos I found was my mom's graduation pic. Mind you, it wasn't the actual photo and was just one of the proofs, but still...I had never seen this pic before. I think this is 1961, maybe 1962.
Back in December 1981, my family was fortunate enough to go on a trip to Hong Kong with some friends who were originally from there. While only 10 years old, I went on this month-long journey to both Hong Kong and Taiwan. I only wish I had been able to fully appreciate the trip at the time like I know I would now. This picture was taken during a hike in northern Taiwan.
This one is a little bizarre. During one particular trip to Florida (which we did a few times when I was younger), we went to Cypress Gardens. The theme park was built around a large lake and they had "ski shows" for people. In this particular instance, they had a number of superheros performing in a water ski show (Superman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, etc). As a kid with a Spiderman shirt on, I couldn't wait ot get a picture taken with a couple of heros after they got ot of the water (hence their lack of shoes).
This is my mother and I at Sea World in Orlando, Florida. Gotta love the car.
As I've mentioned here in the past, I had a difficult time completing my university education. It took me three schools and eight years to finally get my university degree. This pic is from June 1998 on the day I finally graduated. I had completely forgotten that I took this particular picture.
This is one of the most amazing pictures I've ever seen, and it just happens to be of my mom and my grandmother on mom's wedding day. It's just a beautiful, unique photo.
Okay...this is why you should NEVER cut your own child's hair. EVER. Seriously...look at my head!! Can you imagine the ridicule I would have received from my friends from going out in public looking like this??
I'm just guessing, but I think this picture is circa 1997. I don't think my glasses are big enough.
Turns out this is my parents' engagement photo. I had no idea this was even still around until yesterday. I even found the newspaper clipping from the announcement.
This pic just proves to me that my current weight condition isn't entirely my own fault. I mean, want to make fun of MY weight?
This was me about ten years ago. Almost current-day CBG, but not quite...
I had no idea that at one time back in the late 80's, I apparently tried out to be the newest member of Spandau Ballet.
Finally, this photo is a bit sad. This is 2010 and was the final cruise my mom went on with my dad. She had twisted her ankle badly at the airport and ended up in a wheelchair for the entire cruise. Here she was brought up on stage (along with dad) for some kind of dance number. It's sad knowing that it was her final cruise, but this picture is also kind of nice because you can tell she's having a great time. And at the end of the day, that's how I choose to remember her. A woman who enjoyed life.

3 thoughts on “Photographs and Memories

  1. I love these photos, especially the one of your mom and grandma, and the engagement picture. Absolutely stunning. And I LOVE the one of you at graduation. That picture is just awesome. You have a beautiful family CBG!

  2. You look like an 80’s Robert Downey, Jr in one of these pics! So awesome!

    I’m with you… I could spend DAYS going over family photos. They make me laugh and cry!

  3. What treasures these are! Enjoy remembering. Sadly, we lost most of our family pictures in Hurricane Katrina.

    I’m glad you had a better day than you thought you would.

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