One Year Later

I find it very difficult to believe, but as of today it’s been one year since my mom lost her battle to cancer. It’s been a pretty difficult year for me, but I finally feel like I’m beginning to move on in a positive direction.

My mom was an amazing woman and the world is a lesser place without her in it.

To honor her memory today, I’m going to re-post what appeared on my blog one year ago.  Later this morning I’m going to visit her grave and tell her what’s been going on with my life and with the lives of those who loved her. I will grieve the loss of someone I think passed away all too soon…then I will then pick myself up, dust myself off, and move forward with my life in a manner that would have made her proud.

I love you, mom. I still can’t believe you’re gone.


While going through literally hundreds of photos last night, I stumbled upon something I wrote about my mom when I was just a kid. I don’t know how old I was when I wrote it, but it stayed true until the end…

Goodbye mom. You’re in a much more peaceful place now…no more suffering, no more pain.

I love you.

You will forever be my very best friend.



6 thoughts on “One Year Later

  1. “Mourning is love with no place to go.”– anonymous

    One year. How it seems to have flown by at great speed but also very slowly at times, too.
    Huge hugs to you on this day of remembrance.

  2. What a fantastic post and photo too. So wonderful that you had such a great relationship with your mother. I hope my son (21 months old) looks at me one day like you look at your mom. So sorry for your loss but so glad you posted today!

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