Are We Alone In The Universe?

Do you think aliens have ever visited Earth? Are movies like “Cloverfield“, “District 9“, or “Super 8” just so far fetched that the entire concept of alien life seems too unrealistic to grasp.

Do you believe that we have yet to truly tap into all of the animal species on the planet? Does a show like “Destination Truth” really attempt to explain away myths and legends or is it just a tongue-in-cheek farce meant to draw in only the gullible.

What about ghosts? Is it possible that a person’s soul or spirit can somehow not dissipate and, in turn, remain trapped between worlds? Have shows like “Ghost Hunters” and “Paranormal State” made the thought of apparitions so ordinary that they’re no longer considered to be extraordinary?

Are we, as human beings, the only intelligent life in the universe?  Are we alone?

Strange post, I know…but having watched all of the above shows and also having to do a lot of introspection lately has resulted in me looking inwards to really try to find and define my own beliefs.  I mean, what do I believe in?

I’ll be honest…I’m a big fan of science fiction. It all started with “Star Wars” and has since turned into a “what if” thought process as an adult.  I mean, what if an alien race came to earth? Would they be friendly? Would we be able to communicate? Would we end up the aggressors?

And what if ghosts were real? What if spirits sometimes couldn’t continue through to the “other side” (whatever that may be) and, instead, manifested themselves into voices or visions that only select, random people ever get to experience?

There are just so many questions. When you ask one question, five more appear. If you actually answer one question, another ten pop up in its place.

Here are my thoughts.  This is what I believe…

– I believe in extra-terrestrial life. Now, I’m not going to say that E.T. is going to come down to visit us any time soon or that Signs means we need to conserve our water. Nor am I going to suggest that Battle: Los Angeles or War of the Worlds is just a taste of what the future holds.  However, what I am saying is that I believe that with the thousands upon thousands of solar systems in the universe, that it would be small-minded of us to believe that we were the ONLY ones inhabiting it. What form they take or whether or not they can travel through space is entirely a speculative conversation that only ends up making people sound insane.  I’m just saying I believe that we’re not alone in the universe.

– I don’t believe in Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster. I truly think that animals of that size, in this day and age (ESPECIALLY considering where they have been “witnessed”), would have been documented somehow. I mean, hundreds of people go searching for Sasquatch all the time.  Why never any valid evidence?  How many years have people been searching for Nessie only to have vague sightings and faked evidence as a result?  No…the talk of giant, hairy man apes or dinosaur-esque creatures still roaming the earth doesn’t seem scientifically believable.

– I believe in ghosts.  I don’t think Caspar floats around in a white sheet.  I don’t think people get possessed and things like “Paranormal Activity” actually happens in real life.  What I do believe is that there is too much documented evidence of strange sights and sounds to simply dismiss the suggestion that spirits of some sort actually exist. Do I then believe in communication with ghosts or seances or things of that nature?  No…not at all. I simply think that apparitions exist in this world.

Hopefully I don’t sound too insane at this point. I’d be keen on finding out your own thoughts.  Are we alone in the universe? 


3 thoughts on “Are We Alone In The Universe?

  1. This picture of the “Ghost Hunters” is eerily similar to the promotional photo from “It Takes A Thief”, which I believe is/was on the same network: Discovery.

    My brother was the host of the show and my parents have a framed poster (which is why I’m so sure of the similarity!).

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