It’s A Marathon, Not A Sprint

So I’m off to see my dietician again this morning.  It’s my fourth visit since the beginning of the year and things are looking good so far in 2012.  I’m down 9.6lbs since January 1st, which I’m quite happy with.  I mean, it’s no “Biggest Loser” number or anything.

Ahhh…but that’s the kicker, isn’t it?  For as inspirational as that show may be, it’s sometimes difficult to remember that these folks aren’t working any real jobs during their time on the show. All they do is work out…all day every day. So if a 400lb man loses ten pounds in one week, that’s kind of to be expected.

Any other time I’ve tried to lose weight, I’ve gone down a few pounds in the first week or two then have given up.  Whether it’s because I told myself that I was done trying or if it was because I told myself I had done enough, I never seemed to stick with things for more than a few weeks.

I’m about to start my second month of this new living experience. At this point, it hasn’t been nearly as tough as I thought it would be. Sure, the first couple of weeks were bad…but that was more about me trying to break some REALLY unhealthy habits.  Sunshine told me that I’d be doing healthy things out of habit after a few weeks and y’know what? I am.

As I enter my 40th year of life, I almost feel like I’m learning how to live all over again.  Here are some of the changes I’ve made thus far in 2012:

  • My after-hours snacking is at a minimum. And when I do snack, the worst I’m having is some popcorn.  
  • I’m walking at least 30 minutes every single day, whether the weather co-operates or not. I’ve been outside in some crazy sub-zero temperatures, too…so I’m definitely dedicated to increasing my walking and exercise habits as the weather gets better.
  • I’m eating more vegetables. Am I eating Sunshine-levels of veggies?  Heck no. But I’m having 3 to 5 servings of veggies most days, and that’s a HUGE change for me.
  • I’m eating breakfast regularly. One of the things I’ve learned is that I absolutely NEED to eat breakfast early because it kick-starts my metabolism.  If I skip breakfast, like I’ve been doing for the past 20+ years, my body doesn’t know that it needs to get going so it’s a major reason why my metabolism is so bloody slow and I’m the size that I am.
  • I’m counting calories. I’m not on a diet…I’m just making better choices.  I can still squeeze in a chocolate bar every now and then, but only if my daily calorie count says I can. I’m trying to stay at 2,000 calories or less per day, and by eating more healthy choices it’s actually leaving a bit more room to have the occasional 300-calorie treat.

I’m not saying I’m an expert or anything. I’m not claiming to have found all of the answers.  But at this stage in the game, I’ve already gone farther into making permanent life changes than I ever have before…and it’s all a bit exciting.

Both my personal dietician and my healthy eating class dietician have said that if I lose 1 – 2 pounds per week, that’s the healthiest way to go.  Pretty much anything more than that you are probably going to gain back when all is said and done.

So 30 days, 10 pounds. That’s just over two pounds per week on average. If I continue this for just another couple of months and stay on track, I’ll have hit my goal by April.

So with February popping up tomorrow, I know that I’ve got two pretty difficult months in front of me. I’ve got twenty more pounds to lose and a lot of mental obstacles to overcome.

But with the way I’ve been feeling lately, I honestly think that I’m going to make it this time. I’m not only going to lose the weight that I’ve been wanting to lose for the past five or six years, but I’m going to do it in a way that helps me continue to maintain a healthy weight going forward.

It’s not a marathon, it’s a sprint…and I’m doing whatever I can to ensure that regardless of WHEN I finish, all that matters is the end result.

And if I can do it, ANYBODY can do it.


25 thoughts on “It’s A Marathon, Not A Sprint

  1. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Always great to read when someone
    starts to truly take care of themselves
    and begins to treasure both their
    physical and mental self.Nice post.

  2. So so SO proud of you, sweetie. More than anything I’m happy to see you feeling good and knowing that you can accomplish something really great for yourself…something that I’ve believed all along. 😉

  3. I’ve been reading your blog and Sunshine’s blog for a while now but I don’t believe I’ve ever left a comment. This is very exciting. I can feel the excitement in your writing. Losing weight and getting in shape is all between the ears…you can do it!


    1. I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment, Vivi. Thank you.

      I know my mental state really is 90% of my journey towards mental and physical happiness and health, so as long as I can continue along this path the future will look very good.

    1. I honestly can’t wait until it gets sunny earlier in the morning so I can get out at 6am for a walk before getting ready for work. I want to double my walking on a daily basis.

      Gotta train for that half-marathon I’m walking later this year.

  4. Such good stuff here!!! When I lost 40 lbs, I did it in 6 months. It was healthier and I didn’t even really measure until the clothes didn’t fit anymore. I lost the weight, my cholesterol was better and my diabetes symptoms were under control. That weight has never come back, CBG, because of the habits I built during those 6 months. Think of it that way: instead of the lbs you’re losing, think of the habits you’re building! The longer you build them, the longer they last!

    VERY proud of you!!!!!

    1. Thankfully, I’m already okay in terms of diabetes and cholesterol, but my heart has been taking a beating over the past few years. So if nothing else, I’m improving my chances of never getting heart complications due to my weight.

      And yes, the habits I’m FINALLY building are ones that should hopefully last the rest of my life. I’m a work in progress and it’s an exciting time.

  5. That’s awesome! and huge progress, honestly. You are doing it exactly the right way too. slow and steady wins the race and is the best way to go to have the best shot of keeping it off, too. Very awesome, and also proud of you! (laughed at the sunshine-levels of veggies…I’m probably of similar levels hehe).

    1. My dietician said that even getting up to 5 servings of veggies/fruits a day is a massive improvement for a guy who would normally be lucky just to get one serving.

      I’ll never reach Sunshine’s level…but I’m happy where I’m at.

  6. With the Superbowl coming up, snacks and tradition enter the picture; based on my experience, make sure you have a plan to enjoy the game and be happy with yourself the next day. I use the Michael Pollan dictum “Don’t eat junk food you didn’t cook yourself”; I haven’t eaten fries or chips in a long time 🙂 For my Superbowl “snack”, I’m making chili con carne and homemade corn bread; the key is to plan ahead for these kinds of eating triggers and not leave it to the last minute where fast food becomes a unwanted failure. Good luck and enjoy the game!

    1. I think I’ll be okay during the Super Bowl. Sunshine said that she was going to make sushi, and that provides me healthy food PLUS the ability to ‘snack’ during the game. It’s like two meals in one!

  7. I love your blog and admire your honesty about your life! I just wanted to say good job on your weight loss so far and, hopefully, a new way of living. I’m sure you are seeing that healthy living helps your body, mind and soul. So, here’s to a great 2012 for you. I’m glad that you have a big support system behind you (you can tell by reading the comments from your sweet girlfriend and blog buddies).

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